25 October 2015

Oh, Hi

Obviously blogging is not a top priority these days.  I don't really feel like doing it, but I like having the record of everything...maybe I should let Daphne take over.  We would hear about allll sorts of things if that were the case. 

It's October so we've been doing all the October things:
thanks for cooperating so well, guys

Is anyone else disappointed with the new trend of straw bales being made into huge, 5 million ton things these days?  Not the cute little ones you can sort of drag by yourself onto your front porch, but monster sized bales that only machines can pick up.  Anyone with me on being upset over that?  BUT.  I've had a tiny change of heart, because those big bales work really, really well for straw pyramids.  They are very sturdy. 
new kind...strong

old kind...droopy

Jonas LOVES pumpkins this year. 
content face, folded hands, snuggled with his pumpkin

I have a 1000s of pictures of him being super cute with pumpkins.  And 1000s of him stealing pumpkins from their styled positions on the front porch.
those had been stacked like a little pumpkin snowman

There could be a 1000s of him rolling pumpkins down the stairs, too, but I'm usually trying to chase the pumpkins before they crash into bits and not worrying about photographs. 

That's pretty good as far as pumpkin patches for 2015.   I wish we could squeeze in another trip before the season is over, but I have to use every spare minute this week to sew detailed Trick or Treat costumes.  ("There has to be one white button, Mom, and I have to have one pink hair clip and one blue one.  My skirt can't be too flippy, it needs to be straighter.  And we need blue boots.  Christian's clothes needs to be orange, not yellow like he says.  I need brown mittens." Etc, etc, etc.)