01 January 2016

A Few Words About Christmas and Our Future

Merry Christmas, Jonas; you get your own Lola!  We're thankful to Ikea for continuing to make these stuffed golden labs so that all our kids have been able to collect one over the years.

We did terrible with pictures of the kids this year, one of the main reasons I let go of sending out Christmas cards.  Next year we'll just run with it.  If Christian is covering his face, Daphne is wearing a My Little Pony crown, and Jonas is holding a wind-up radio, so be it. Set the expectations low now. 

our family Christmas on Dec 27

This is J trying to escape Christmas Eve dinner.

And this is "Daphne" enjoying "her" new microscope on Christmas Day.

I guess I did end up with one photo of all three kids on Christmas Day! 1/3 smiling, 1/3 looking at the camera, 3/3 blurry...photography magic right there. 
excuse me...I also need to be in that box

We got one little house project finished just in time for Christmas: finally figuring out what to do with our wood stove nook. We would love a mantle, but wood stove standards call for very high clearance above the stove, something like 58 inches.  So instead David made the corbels from extra spindles from the front porch, and attached Amish-made iron hooks to some matching boards for our stockings.  When we moved in this spot was just a gaping hole with light blue tiles, the old wood stove gone because it didn't meet current stove standards. Now it's cozy and cute with no blue tiles in sight. 

All the kids' stockings look very happy in their new home.

Next year's Christmas photos should be a breeze.