29 May 2010


Hey guys,

I like to snuggle up with my owl and one of my soft blankets. It's one of my favorite things.

I also like to lay in what may appear to most to be an uncomfortable position. I can assure it is not, as I am flexible beyond belief. My mom is jealous, as she is very stiff.

With love,


It Was a Good Day

Hey guys,

I thought you might like to see what I look like when I eat bread.

Mom made it for me and it was yummy.

I also can do other things, like get distracted by airplanes, try to dump my Joe's O's out of their container and be confused on why they won't fall out, sit on the ground, and throw little fits.

It was a good day.

(Except for when I only took a half hour nap. That's why I was throwing little fits.)

With love,


26 May 2010

She'll Always Have a Soft Spot for Her Dog

Daphne was going through her supper at an amazingly fast rate this evening. As she was eating I was working in the kitchen behind her, not paying too close attention to how quickly she was stuffing food into her mouth, but wondering why she was asking for 'more' every 5 seconds. Suddenly it hit me what might be going on, and fortunately the camera was close enough for me to catch a few seconds of the little trouble makers in action.

24 May 2010

Back to Reality

We had our high school reunion this past weekend. I had a great time catching up with old friends, and realizing that I got to graduate with a great group of people.

Check out this super cute picture of Meeka and I 10 years ago, young and happy and so cute:

And here we are now, still young and happy and cute, although now we can add "reunion planners extraordinaire" to our resumes. (Meeka, don't be mad at me for posting these photos.)

My parents took Daphne for the weekend, our first time away from her overnight since we brought her home from the NICU. It was a little sad and we missed her a lot, but mostly I was sad because I was afraid she was sad and would be wondering where we were. But I think she had a great time, and David and I enjoyed sleeping in, watching movies (The Blind Side is soooo good!), going out to lunch, and being fairly lazy.

Now after our action packed, fun-filled weekend it's time to bring ourselves back to 2010.

By the way, if you asked me in 2000 where I thought I would be in 10 years, I don't think it would have crossed my mind to say I would be at home with a little one who loved to lick rocks.

17 May 2010

First Ever Parenting Tip

Today I discovered an amazing trick. I'm sure everyone I know already does this, so pardon the fact that I am slow.

We had lunch at Baja Fresh today. Daphne thought the beans were especially yummy.

They were also especially messy.

She was finished before David and I were, but I got out the wet wipes to start cleaning her up. Of course she started screeching because she hates being washed, so I gave up for a bit and just left a wipe with her to play with while David and I ate. I thought I would save the hootin' and the hollerin' about being cleaned up until we were ready to leave.

But what you know, leaving the wet wipe for her was the best thing ever!! She had herself practically all cleaned up just by playing with it, plus the wipe had softened all the hardened food on her hands. When it was finally time to leave, clean-up was a breeze.

So, for my parenting book that I may end up writing, I have one glorious tip: let your kid play with a wet wipe if he or she is finished eating before you are ready to get up from the table. They can self clean and be entertained at the same time.

Since that's the only tip I have, my book will probably be more of a comic strip seen once in your Sunday paper.

14 May 2010

Some People's Kids

One of Daphne's top 10 favorite songs is The Itsy Bitsy Spider, complete with motions. She likes it if you sing it 200 times in a row. And, if she happens to turn her back on you, she can somehow tell if you stop doing the motions. I wouldn't try it if I were you.

On an unrelated note, this afternoon I swept all the winter junk off our back patio area so Daph could have a large and less dirty place to play. I set up some Adirondack chairs and cushions, making it a charming place to sit and watch her eat rocks and dirt.

She always wants to wander into the garage and I have to go fetch her out lest she eat nails or dog food, but also to keep her from stealing Brynner's kennel.

I assure you these photos were not staged. One minute Brynner was sleeping contentedly in his house and the next minute Daphne was trying to crawl in there with him. Brynner usually runs away as soon as Daphne starts to come near him, so apparently snuggling with him in his place of solitude is definitely getting too close.

She was even closing the door on herself.

I was telling David just the other day that Daphne might be getting to the age where she would like blanket forts in the house. If nothing else it would be more sanitary.

11 May 2010

Everyone Should Own a Sewing Machine

I don't know what happened since David bought me a sewing machine for Christmas. Suddenly this beast of sewing creativity burst forth out of me, and I hadn't even known it existed.

This past week I made the cutest diaper bag of all time. I love it so much I want to make 100 more, but sadly Daph only needs one diaper bag. Maybe I should make one to coordinate with each of her outfits. That would be a wise use of my time.

Daphne was so excited about it that she first played with Lola's bowl.

Then stole the shoe right off my foot.

Looked for airplanes.

And looked cute.

She is good at showing excitement.

09 May 2010

A Big, Fat, Holiday Weekend

My birthday is May 8, which this year fell the day before Mother's Day. I believe next year it will be on Mother's Day. I've told David that he can never, ever even think about combining Mother's Day and my birthday. I told him that it would just not be fair, and how can he understand because he doesn't have a birthday/holiday combo problem like Daphne and I do (her birthday is December 24). Then he went on an on about his birthday being a week before Halloween and how he hates it when people try to celebrate his birthday on Halloween. Whatever.

Here's a picture of Daphne and I last year on my birthday, my first birthday with a little baby:

What? You saw nothing? Oh, that's right. There are no pictures of Daphne and I on my first birthday with a little baby.

So here's a picture of Daphne and I this year on my birthday, my second birthday with a baby:

Again, nothing. Sad, isn't it?

Honestly, it's probably because the Daph and I don't really photo that well. See?

What can I say, there is something about "look at the camera and smile!" that is hard for some people.

Anyways, that's Mother's Day #2 under our belts. And yes, Daphne's dress is very cute, thanks for mentioning it.

06 May 2010


The setting: David and Daphne are playing Duplos in the living room. Daphne is doing what she does best and tearing apart David's Duplo creations. I am in the spare bedroom making up the bed.

David: "I'm pretty sure what you're doing right now is considered bullying."

Daphne: silence

David: "You're a bully."

Daphne: silence

Beware, future friends of Daphne. She is indeed a silent threat and a force to be reckoned with on the Duplo field.

05 May 2010


Books are the quietest and most constant of friends;

they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors,

and the most patient of teachers.

~Charles Eliot