20 November 2014

Jonas: 5 Months

Jonas got his first cold this month.  His little runny nose and cough have been so sad.  It looks like he doesn't like to sleep when he has a cold, and that is also so sad. 

Tiredness won out the other day when I was driving home and pulled up to a stop sign.  It was confusing though, because there was no intersection or cross road or anything??  The need to stop didn't make sense. 

Until I realized I had stopped at this:

The only thing to do is to slowly keep on driving like you meant to stop in the middle of the road.  No harm, no foul. You're going to have to stop soon, anyway. 

I've been weighing Jonas constantly to make sure he's gaining enough weight.  We only have an adult scale, so I weigh myself, then weigh both of us and subtract the difference to get his weight.  But then the scale broke.  Having the scale break on you is way more depressing than discovering you stopped at a not stop sign. 

P.S. I wear as many clothes as possible when doing this weigh thing so that I don't have to know my real weight.  Scarves, a bathrobe, boots; lots of stuff.  I suppose it's no wonder the scale broke?

I dropped dairy and gluten this month, just to be on the safe side and hope that what happened with baby Christian (poor weight gain and bad eczema starting around 5-6 months) won't happen with baby Jonas.  Jonas has a little red on his cheeks that showed up last week when the temperatures dropped so low, but it's hard to know if it's cold weather related or something else?  I'm just a wee bit paranoid. 

Honestly, I can't remember much about this past month beyond hoping Jonas will stay healthy.  It can consume your mind if you let it.

So I'll just think about his darling feet instead.

And about that face. 

I just want to pinch those cheeks!!!

I love him.

17 November 2014

Shoes, Storms and More

Apparently this is No-Blog November or something?  Last I noticed it was October and suddenly it's mid-November.  Weird how that happens. 

This morning was my first time taking all 3 kids to Shriners by myself for one of Daph's new shoe appointments.  It was such an accomplishment that it should probably be noted in someone's baby book.  Or at least here on this blog.  Usually we book these appointments for David's day off, but of course this was a random Monday that he had to work. 

Shriners is only 10 miles away and yet it takes about an hour to get there in morning traffic.  The kids were kept happy by listening to the Wicked soundtrack because they love listening to Broadway musicals on CD.  Isn't it nice that we're raising such cultured children?

Except that despite my weeks of encouragement on getting white shoes made this time, Daphne chose a horse pattern.  So...sad face.  And she loves wearing her Awana vest as a prized article of clothing.  We scream home school family, fashion wise. 

Our stairs and driveway are still covered in ice from the Arctic Storm last week.  I thought for sure we would have snow, but instead it iced all day long and now the ice won't go away.  We basically need harnesses to get safely from the house to the cars.

At this moment all the kids are napping (well, they're each in a bed at least) and I need to be working on my list for Thanksgiving.  And a list for something else that I can't remember right now...which is why lists are so necessary.
this boy is never far from my side

daph and her newest sewing hobby, awana vest and all

wonder woman, a ladybug, and a pirate, which sounds like the beginnings of a good joke