18 December 2015

Cheerful Christmas Photos

First of all, our house is looking lovely right now. Don't be dismayed at my vanity over its beauty.  (Outside beauty, at least.  On the inside...why doesn't anyone ever want to clean up after themselves?!)
colorful lights on the playhouse, too

When we started painting so many months ago I told David I was afraid we would leave the front undone for months at a time and it would be sooo embarrassing.  So yes, we still have to put shutters on upstairs, and I kind of want to put a sign on the front yard that says, "YES, WE ARE MISSING SHUTTERS. COMING SOON.  SORRY." Maybe if it would stop raining for five minutes so that hanging shutters could be safe.

This next cheerful picture is when I tried to get a nice Christmas picture of the kids.  I'm not kidding, this was the best one.

Jonas got Llama Llama Jingle Bells for his Christmas book this year.  So far I've read it 9,345 times.  I thought it would be a good idea to show Jonas that reading with Daphne is just as fun as reading with mom.  At least Daphne was happy about that plan. 
"don't take away my mama/book time!"

But carols on the trumpet with Dad is always a good time.  Jonas's favorite was singing/yelling along and sticking his hand up the bell. 

Gingerbread houses.  How do you feel?  I hate that they fall apart so easily, so for the past few years we've just flipped ice cream cones upside down and decorated those like Christmas trees.  Simple and kid friendly.  But this year Daphne had been talking about gingerbread houses and how she would really like one, and then Ikea had them for $4.99, so I guess it was time to man up and let the kids do a house.  I've heard several people say they hot glue theirs together, and ever the follower, that's what I did.

PROS: the house did not break while the kids decorated.  The roof has since collapsed, but that would be from the piles of jujubes frosted onto the roof; the seams that I glued held fast.  CONS: It was hard to glue because I had to hold the thing together for forever until the glue was totally set.  It slid apart quite a few times while I was gluing.  But since it held together so well the next day when the kids decorated, I would still hot glue if/when we do this in the future.
we did trees, too

I bought frosting for this project.  Daphne exclaimed, "the frosting is ALREADY MADE?  That is SO AMAZING!"  Oh, the wonders of the modern world.

Nerds were one of the decorating candies.
Daphne: "Oh, Nerds! I love these! Do you, Christian?"
Christian: "I don't know, I've never eaten nerves before."
he's eaten them now and approves. on the nerds, at least

You're really good at decorating, Jonas

Also fun: Christmas trivia.  FYI: Daphne is an expert in the Christmas song category.  Out of the blue the other day she said, "You know what's an even prettier sight to see than holly on your own front door?  Smiles on people's faces."  Ha.  What a little Christmassy nerd she is.

Christian is not so good at Christmas trivia.  His answers are usually Jesus or Santa.  We would just cheer and say "Yes! The reindeer who's name starts with 'B' is definitely Jesus! And also Blitzen."

Oh, this picture is nice of all three snuggled together for a Christmas movie.  (Do not be too emotional over the sweetness in this picture.  This is the same night Christian secretly put shampoo on Daphne's toothbrush.)

Happy Advent to you.

06 December 2015

Slices of Life, Vol XIX

Our first little slice can be the kids in their Halloween costumes.  Better late than never.  Although never would probably be fine.

They decided on being Octonauts, characters from their favorite Netflix cartoon.  It was creative and fun and so unique that no one knew who they were.  Like the guy at Krispy Kreme who asked if Daphne was a nurse.

Dashi Dog, Kwasii Kitten, & a Vegimal

For some more slices...here are a few Recent Conversations with Daphne:

(She was playing with my calculator.)
D: "Where did you get this?"
M: "I've had it since I was in school."
D: "Oh, so it's an antique?"
D: "Well, I thought antiques were things that were old!"

D: "Will we be in the history books someday?"
M: "Maybe if you do something amazing, like become president of the United States."
D: "Or invent a corn station?"
M: "What's a corn station?"
D: "A place where everyone can get a corn sandwich."

(Days later)
D: "So if I become president does that mean I get to make all the rules?"

We had just completed a unit on the medieval times for history.  As we were doing the review questions, one question asked "what do you call a person who works for someone else in order to learn their trade?"
D: "A gangster?"
The answer is apprentice.  

Overheard Between Daphne and Christian:

(While playing with David's walkie talkies)
D: "Do you copy?"
C: "Yes, I want coffee."

C: "I got to watch Octonauts with Mommy!"
D: "I got to go to Bible study and see Papa and eat chocolate!"
C: "Then I'm not going to play with you until you're seven!"
back when they were still playing together

Jonas has a lot to say these days, too, especially when it comes to food.  And cheering for food.  He'll say "More apple? Yay!" Or, "More crackers? Yay!"  Sometimes he just cheers for himself:  "Yay Joe!" 
Lola! Yay!

A few weeks ago we couldn't find Jonas anywhere in the house.  He was straight up totally lost.  Finally David went into the dark big kids' bedroom and there he was, sitting on the top bunk, silent and happy.  We didn't know he could climb the ladder, nor did we know he liked playing in dark rooms by himself.

Now we know both of those things.