23 August 2013

Maybe Summer Will Never End

I've felt decidedly un-bloggy lately.  I've had no deep thoughts.  Hardly even any shallow thoughts.  No thoughts at all.

The lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer have grabbed hold of my brain and it's possible they'll never give it back.  

We have just under two weeks before the fall crazy begins.  Two days a week of preschool and two days a week of BSF, plus a few other activities we're trying to decide if we should be a part of.  Schedule juggling and dividing of driving duties and wondering how much traffic we're going to have to fight.  I know it's nothing compared to most, but it will be very different for us, and a little scary because we kind of prefer a slower pace of life.

Evenings of sitting on the porch with Daph while Christian plays soccer with himself in the driveway. Walks to playgrounds, hours in the living room with the Playmobil, wearing nothing but a diaper and not taking the time for shoes...it appears that those are the activities we are drawn to, and that the busyness of grown up life might not suit us quite as well. 

Tell me that we're going to survive, 'cause right now we're not exactly sure. 

Long live summer. 

15 August 2013

There's a First Time For Everything

Our tomato plants were looking heavy with red fruit this morning, and to my great surprise, I picked a basket full of tomatoes, peppers, and onions.  It was time to be brave and make some salsa. 
food thief

I say 'brave' because I think everyone who grows even the tiniest of kitchen gardens makes their own salsa each year, but I've always been a little intimidated to try.  Are you shocked and appalled?  Part of it was not knowing a good recipe, and salsa isn't one of those foods where you want to spend the afternoon slicing and dicing, peeling tomatoes and crying over onions, only to have the batch turn out disgusting.

I like following the Old World Garden Farm blog.  My 'gardening' pin board is full of great tips from them, so I felt their salsa recipe was one I could try and get a good result. 

The recipe is really easy, and I'm so pleased with the fact that all the main ingredients came from my garden.  I mean, I didn't grow the limes, or the garlic (I'll do that next year), or the cilantro (that, too), or the apple cider vinegar (but I have a recipe to make my own, which I will be doing as soon as apple season is here), and I also didn't make my own salt or pepper.  So when it comes right down to it, growing only the tomatoes, peppers and onions isn't really that impressive.  Never mind.  I'll try to do better next time.

And do better I will!  I'm glad to have this salsa-making skill under my belt so that my garden can forever be grown with this recipe in mind. As soon as more tomatoes are ready this year, more salsa will be made.  Guaranteed. 

David stopped by this evening to try a taste and proclaimed it the best salsa he's ever had.  Is he lying?  He seemed serious, and he also said we don't need to buy salsa ever again.  Sounds legit. 

13 August 2013

Anniversary Eve

Nine year ago tomorrow this was going on at my parent's house:

These photos are not from 9 years ago, they are from Sunday, and this event had nothing whatsoever to do with our anniversary, but the timing was still fun and the dead pig was just as gross looking now as it was back then.  (But this time Grandpa wasn't carrying the head around on a platter.)  (Yes indeed, that happened at our reception.)

This morning we went on a family walk at the trail along Marine Drive and the Colombia River.  It was a beautiful morning, and apparently happy hour for airplanes because one after another were landing at PDX while we walked, including 6 fighter jets.  The jets look so tiny flying up over our house, but they sure are huge and loud when flying right over our heads in preparation to land.  The kids covered their ears.

The kids are both staying at Gramma and Papa K's house tonight, Christian's first night away from us.  Do you think he will miss me?  We know Daphne won't, but that sweet little boy sure does like me a lot.  I hope he's not sad.

David and I spent the evening walking around downtown, people watching at Pioneer Square and admiring the wardrobe choices of many, shopping, eating, walking along the water.  All of these things were done very slowly and without paying attention to when bedtime was approaching.  It was bliss.

And we still have the whole day tomorrow!  We don't even know what to do with all our time yet; more shopping in a different part of town?  Hiking?  The beach? Try to sleep in past 7?  Stay home and work on our house?  (That idea was tossed in the mix for about 2 seconds before we decided it was a very bad idea.)  The world is our oyster! We must use our hours very wisely. 

Babysitters are totally bomb-diggity.  (David taught me that word.  Oh, the things you learn after living with someone for 9 years.)

08 August 2013

An Instagram Wrap-Up

Apparently this is the week for entertaining guests.  Let me do a little mental count...six groups of people in six days.  I think that's a record even for us.  What I love about having people over all the time is that it makes me be really good at meal planning and mostly good at keeping the house clean.  I mean, I also love spending time with the guests who come over, but really, it's the accountability to get all my work done that I enjoy.  (Kidding, kidding; I like the people better.) 

Our activities have included roasting marshmallows for s'mores, babies, Christian deciding he finally likes babies, friends to play ponies with, an overnight visit with GAL, GAL bringing gifts, lunchtime guests and suppertime guests, and tomorrow night will be Book Club.  I better finish up my book.

Speaking of GAL (the kids' Great-Aunt-Lori), she lives in Alaska where she has tamed the wild frontier to start a u-pick garden.  She is a workhorse like you wouldn't believe (not like a big, brawny, sweaty workhorse; a delicate, ladylike workhorse) and reading her blog makes me tired sometimes.  It is a life goal of mine to be as productive and energetic as GAL. 

Note that I like linking to other blogs when they write nice things about me? I'm generous like that.

Between guests we've had time for a few other activities.

Christian likes to get out a pile of trucks, tractors and trains and set up roadways and construction sites on the sofa.  He entertains himself for hours a week like this.  I kind of love it.

Because of this link found via Pinterest the kids got to play with a construction sensory box filled with beans and cornmeal.  (The rocks were left out for us because I knew Christian would just throw them as he thinks rocks are for throwing.  And occasionally for chewing on.)  We've done beans before but never cornmeal, and the kids LOVED the cornmeal addition.  The first time we did this they played for an entire hour with hardly a peep out of them. One whole hour.  Isn't that amazing?

Daphne has been in a My Little Pony phase this week (with a few G.I. Joe men mixed in) .  She'll go a month without playing with them and then have a week where she can't get enough.  The other day she had them paired off to get married at a 'marry meeting' (because she didn't know the word for wedding).

I found a big train book at the library for Christian.  It's 10 pages of him asking "what's this?"  and me saying "it's a train."  Then I showed him that I know how to draw a train and now he's constantly shoving a pen in my hand asking for me to draw a 'choo-choo.'  Over and over and over again.

I posted this picture on Sunday of David and I accidentally dressing alike.  It was so embarrassing.  (Except it wasn't because no one said anything and I actually forgot about it over the course of the day since I was always just looking at him and not at him AND me.  So it was fine. Maybe we'll start doing it more often.)

03 August 2013

Oak's Amuuuusment Park (You Have to Sing It Like the Commercials Sing It)

Today was David's annual work picnic, and never are we more willing to join in on work events than when they allow our kids free access to Portland's premier amusement park, Oak's Park

We've taken them one other time, last summer for the preschool hours where it's like a $3 entrance fee for a preschooler and his/her parents.  Daphne remembers that trip quite clearly, with her memories of it as being the most glorious day of her life.  Therefore when we got to the park this morning she was running around like a maniac, bouncing from ride to ride and more hyper than I've ever seen her in my life.  After she went down the huge slide, she hopped off the bottom with arms in the air and yelled "That was AWESOME!"

Disneyland would blow her mind.  
sometimes it pays to be a shorty
Christian was ambivalent to most everything except the train.  He rode the train twice and the carousel once, which he also thought was a train.  I don't think he has it in him to be quite as expressive in word and action like his big sister, but a solemn, "Dada, Daph, choo-choo" was heard enough times today to let me know he has that memory firmly imprinted on his little brain.  

I was there too. I took a picture of my (beautiful) flowery pants while waiting for the rest of my family to go around the train track.  My job of babysitting the stroller was pretty boring; taking pictures of my pants helped pass the time.  This photo also sparked some fun Instagram chit-chat, so that's always a winner. 

After we got home Daphne's welcome packet for her school came in the mail.  For the first time in 5 years summer actually has a designated end instead of just continuing on until the weather stops being summery.  This year September 3 will come and just like that we move into a new chapter.  For the record, WE ARE NOT READY.