23 August 2013

Maybe Summer Will Never End

I've felt decidedly un-bloggy lately.  I've had no deep thoughts.  Hardly even any shallow thoughts.  No thoughts at all.

The lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer have grabbed hold of my brain and it's possible they'll never give it back.  

We have just under two weeks before the fall crazy begins.  Two days a week of preschool and two days a week of BSF, plus a few other activities we're trying to decide if we should be a part of.  Schedule juggling and dividing of driving duties and wondering how much traffic we're going to have to fight.  I know it's nothing compared to most, but it will be very different for us, and a little scary because we kind of prefer a slower pace of life.

Evenings of sitting on the porch with Daph while Christian plays soccer with himself in the driveway. Walks to playgrounds, hours in the living room with the Playmobil, wearing nothing but a diaper and not taking the time for shoes...it appears that those are the activities we are drawn to, and that the busyness of grown up life might not suit us quite as well. 

Tell me that we're going to survive, 'cause right now we're not exactly sure. 

Long live summer. 


Erin said...

More reasons to start our own town! If an experiment to see if become a cult isn't reason enough, less traffic and optional shoes are some pros :)

Erin said...

Man, I should proof-read my comments when I am trying to multi-task. I don't know how to edit what I wrote and it doesn't make sense!

If starting our own town to see if we become a cult isn't reason enough, you have provided more reasons. Not, if become a cult isn't reason enough.

melissa said...

haha! I gotcha. Don't forget diapers only, also. :)