13 August 2013

Anniversary Eve

Nine year ago tomorrow this was going on at my parent's house:

These photos are not from 9 years ago, they are from Sunday, and this event had nothing whatsoever to do with our anniversary, but the timing was still fun and the dead pig was just as gross looking now as it was back then.  (But this time Grandpa wasn't carrying the head around on a platter.)  (Yes indeed, that happened at our reception.)

This morning we went on a family walk at the trail along Marine Drive and the Colombia River.  It was a beautiful morning, and apparently happy hour for airplanes because one after another were landing at PDX while we walked, including 6 fighter jets.  The jets look so tiny flying up over our house, but they sure are huge and loud when flying right over our heads in preparation to land.  The kids covered their ears.

The kids are both staying at Gramma and Papa K's house tonight, Christian's first night away from us.  Do you think he will miss me?  We know Daphne won't, but that sweet little boy sure does like me a lot.  I hope he's not sad.

David and I spent the evening walking around downtown, people watching at Pioneer Square and admiring the wardrobe choices of many, shopping, eating, walking along the water.  All of these things were done very slowly and without paying attention to when bedtime was approaching.  It was bliss.

And we still have the whole day tomorrow!  We don't even know what to do with all our time yet; more shopping in a different part of town?  Hiking?  The beach? Try to sleep in past 7?  Stay home and work on our house?  (That idea was tossed in the mix for about 2 seconds before we decided it was a very bad idea.)  The world is our oyster! We must use our hours very wisely. 

Babysitters are totally bomb-diggity.  (David taught me that word.  Oh, the things you learn after living with someone for 9 years.)


Nutty Mom said...

Happy anniversary! Glad ya'll are more exciting than us. Our 10th came and went a couple weeks ago....we just had lunch, nothing exciting like an over night with no kids! Enjoy yourselves!

GrandpaR said...

oh, yeah, Happy Anniversary!