15 August 2013

There's a First Time For Everything

Our tomato plants were looking heavy with red fruit this morning, and to my great surprise, I picked a basket full of tomatoes, peppers, and onions.  It was time to be brave and make some salsa. 
food thief

I say 'brave' because I think everyone who grows even the tiniest of kitchen gardens makes their own salsa each year, but I've always been a little intimidated to try.  Are you shocked and appalled?  Part of it was not knowing a good recipe, and salsa isn't one of those foods where you want to spend the afternoon slicing and dicing, peeling tomatoes and crying over onions, only to have the batch turn out disgusting.

I like following the Old World Garden Farm blog.  My 'gardening' pin board is full of great tips from them, so I felt their salsa recipe was one I could try and get a good result. 

The recipe is really easy, and I'm so pleased with the fact that all the main ingredients came from my garden.  I mean, I didn't grow the limes, or the garlic (I'll do that next year), or the cilantro (that, too), or the apple cider vinegar (but I have a recipe to make my own, which I will be doing as soon as apple season is here), and I also didn't make my own salt or pepper.  So when it comes right down to it, growing only the tomatoes, peppers and onions isn't really that impressive.  Never mind.  I'll try to do better next time.

And do better I will!  I'm glad to have this salsa-making skill under my belt so that my garden can forever be grown with this recipe in mind. As soon as more tomatoes are ready this year, more salsa will be made.  Guaranteed. 

David stopped by this evening to try a taste and proclaimed it the best salsa he's ever had.  Is he lying?  He seemed serious, and he also said we don't need to buy salsa ever again.  Sounds legit. 


Meeka said...

This salsa looks great! I'm totally going to make it. Ryan thanks you :).

Shelley said...

We are also firm believers in the fact that homemade salsa is better than anything you can buy! Way to go making it all on your own and from your own garden! I felt pretty pleased that just the tomatoes came from our garden last year, so I'd say tomatoes peppers and onions are quite an accomplishment! Now I just need to gather up my courage to make some.....