03 August 2013

Oak's Amuuuusment Park (You Have to Sing It Like the Commercials Sing It)

Today was David's annual work picnic, and never are we more willing to join in on work events than when they allow our kids free access to Portland's premier amusement park, Oak's Park

We've taken them one other time, last summer for the preschool hours where it's like a $3 entrance fee for a preschooler and his/her parents.  Daphne remembers that trip quite clearly, with her memories of it as being the most glorious day of her life.  Therefore when we got to the park this morning she was running around like a maniac, bouncing from ride to ride and more hyper than I've ever seen her in my life.  After she went down the huge slide, she hopped off the bottom with arms in the air and yelled "That was AWESOME!"

Disneyland would blow her mind.  
sometimes it pays to be a shorty
Christian was ambivalent to most everything except the train.  He rode the train twice and the carousel once, which he also thought was a train.  I don't think he has it in him to be quite as expressive in word and action like his big sister, but a solemn, "Dada, Daph, choo-choo" was heard enough times today to let me know he has that memory firmly imprinted on his little brain.  

I was there too. I took a picture of my (beautiful) flowery pants while waiting for the rest of my family to go around the train track.  My job of babysitting the stroller was pretty boring; taking pictures of my pants helped pass the time.  This photo also sparked some fun Instagram chit-chat, so that's always a winner. 

After we got home Daphne's welcome packet for her school came in the mail.  For the first time in 5 years summer actually has a designated end instead of just continuing on until the weather stops being summery.  This year September 3 will come and just like that we move into a new chapter.  For the record, WE ARE NOT READY. 

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Lori said...

I bet Daph is ready!!! Are you ready for me Wednesday night? I land at 8:00 and will rent a car....