30 November 2011

The Great Tree Hunt, 2011

The day we get our Christmas tree is one of my favorite days of the year. We've gone to the same tree farm for the past 4 or 5 years, and now that we have kids we have started some little traditions to keep the day fun.

Daph is so excited about Christmas. I told her the other day that it was almost Christmastime, and since then she's been asking every day if we can 'go to Christmas.' I don't know what that means to her, but it's fun to see her having such a good time.

Monday we told her we were going to find our Christmas tree. She was bouncing off the walls with joy.

First we stopped at a little donut shop in Gresham.

Happiness for Daphne:

She likes the chocolate ones.

Christian had a good time, too:

We got to the farm where all our hopes and dreams of a jovial time trekking through the trees came to a screeching halt.

Literally, screeching.

First Daphne was super sad at the acres of what we were calling 'Christmas trees.' I think she expected hundreds of lit up and beautiful trees.

Then, I don't know, she just started throwing fits and laying down in the dirt.

It was strange and slightly disheartening. Did she not get the memo that this is one of my favorite days?

Finally we just picked a tree and hoped that when we got home and had a chance to look at it we would find that it was full of branches and had no giant dead spots.

At home things did pick up a bit.

Daphne was thrilled that we were bringing the tree into the house. As soon as we had it in she made herself at home right in front of it.

She loved decorating it.

Christian slept through our entire decorating party, but enjoyed hanging out with Daphne once he woke up.

Despite the somewhat disappointing tree hunt, we still managed to come home with the most beautiful tree ever.

And we came home with this most adorable little reindeer, so that was worth it.

25 November 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

This Thanksgiving baby is so cute! It's a good thing he is so cute and that I love him so much because he still is sleeping quite poorly at night. God made babies cute for a very good reason.

These Thanksgiving siblings really love each other.

Oh dear, poor Christian.

That's (sort of) better. Face it, buddy, you have years of obligatory sibling photos ahead of you.

David's favorite part of this Thanksgiving was showing Christian how wonderful it is to spend the morning watching football. Clearly C was thrilled. Or terrified.

This morning we did a little Black Friday shopping, although it's a little hard to get too riled up about shopping when you're working it between nursing breaks. I went as wild as I could and got a new handbag, something I haven't done since I started carrying a diaper bag 3 years ago. David got a new shirt. Yes, our spending is out of control.

But you know we're really crazy when David starts flashing gangs signs at Taco Bell. Or whatever it is he's doing.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

19 November 2011

Never Before Seen Photos & Memories

Friday night Christian saw his first snowflakes.

I weighed him, just for kicks. He's 11lbs even.

Yesterday he laughed. More than once.

He's growing so fast, although bringing him home from the hospital feels like yesterday.

Here's David bringing Christian home on September 2...do you see something creepy in this photo? Hanging from the ceiling fan? Poor baby had no idea he was being brought home to a house of horrors.

The day we brought Christian home was one of my favorite days with him so far (once we got rid of the ant). Daphne was with my mom for the afternoon and David, Christian and I just hung out in the living room napping and watching Bones. So peaceful. Those quiet days with a new baby are precious memories.

14 November 2011

One Day These Will Be Fond Memories

I have a gift for producing children who hate sleep. I'm not exactly proud of this gift, but it's what I've got so I make the best of it.

For the past two weeks Christian has been getting up almost every hour, or like last night, staying up from 11PM-5AM. I read by candlelight while holding him. If I'm going to be pulling all-nighters I might as well do something fun while at it. I've also watch many cheesy Christmas movies via Netflix. Three in one night a couple of nights ago. I love a good cheesy Christmas movie.

David is tired, too, since he has to work 12 hour shifts everyday while Occupy Portland is going on.

To sum it up, David and I both look like our faces have been beaten by bags of rocks. And we both need haircuts. And Daphne has dried snot in her hair.

But look at that sweet face! Wouldn't it be nice if he made it more often...

11 November 2011

Many Blessings

We've had two kids in the house now for two months and 1 week. The adjustment has been great; easier than I expected. Not easy, of course, since Christian doesn't love sleeping at night and the days are exponentially busier than they were before. But Christian is a great baby and a perfect addition to our family. His calm nature, combined with Daphne's great love for him, means we're getting along just fine.

We've been honored to be at the receiving end of so many kind acts since Christian was born. Getting meals delivered is probably one of the best side effects of giving birth. Seriously, you're sitting there on your couch when the doorbell rings and there is a hot meal ready to be eaten. I'd have a baby every week just for the meals alone.

(Not really.)

Meeka threw us the most fun sip and see. When you're a mom you don't get to go out with friends sans children very often, so it was a treat to be blessed with a relaxing morning with friends and yummy food. Christian was there, of course, but since I don't have to chase him or worry about him breaking anything, he's no problem.

Emily came and mopped my floor. Can you believe it? It was so wonderful that I took a picture. Another reason to have lots of babies.

(Are my reasons for wanting lots of babies slightly off? I think not.)

I've loved it when the grandparents have watched Daphne. Of course I love having her at home, but having a little quiet time to enjoy Christian alone is priceless.

So many people left gifts for us at church or sent things in the mail, and many included little treats for Daphne as well.

Like these hand-knitted items. I apologize that both kids look loopy; that's what happens when you have approximately 5 seconds to take a photo while you're rushing out the door to church. But goodness, their outfits are cute.

To everyone who has rejoiced in Christian's birth through sharing gifts, your time, and your prayers: we are so thankful. Each act has made life a little easier, and that's a gift for which you can't say thank you enough.

09 November 2011


I'm always on the look-out for good food that I can make in bulk and then have on hand so that we don't need to buy packaged stuff. I especially like making snacks that I only get out when we're in the car for long periods of time or we're out shopping or something. Because nothing says sit still and be quiet quite like food.

Like goldfish crackers. Cute and fun and yummy, but I don't like the ingredients so I never buy them. Thankfully, Pioneer Woman saved the day and I was so happy when I saw this recipe awhile back.

I'm not quite so ambitious as to make my own goldfish cookie cutters, but I do have a tiny owl cutter that worked.

Daph had the best time "squishing out owls" as she called it. I didn't realize she would be so good at it; we'll have to start squishing out more things soon.

I also didn't use sharp cheddar, just the regular medium that we had in the fridge. Did you catch when Fred's had Tillamook cheese on sale for $4.88 the other week? You could only buy 2 at a time, so David and I both went through the line on one trip so we could buy 4, and then we went back another day and did the same thing again. We're cool like that. And our cheese collection is amazing. (Should I be embarrassed that I just admitted that we did that?)

Anyways, the owl crackers are a hit. They are super easy to make, and it was a fun activity to do with Daphne. (Christian was snoozing and missed all the fun.)

One of these days Daphne will realize all her friends have cool, store-bought goldfish crackers while she's sitting there with her lame owl crackers, but hey, her kidneys will be clean and her immune system will be strong. She'll thank me someday.

06 November 2011


Our grape harvest was plentiful this year.

Daph came out to help us pick, and this was her saying, "She wants some berries, please!!!!"

(She often refers to herself as 'she' and of course grapes are delicious so they must be berries.)

This is her stuffing her face. Why didn't the giant seeds deter her? I don't know.

My mom helped me make a bunch of grape juice. It is yummy stuff.

Back before I had kids I used to take a lot of picture of our dogs. For old time's sake I took Brynner's picture as he was watching the grape picking festivities. Our poor, unloved and semi-neglected dog. He looks so sad.

02 November 2011

A Happy Halloween

I wasn't sure we would get around to doing Halloween this year, what with the tiny, non-sleeping person in the house. The days are flying by and things that aren't paramount to our day-to-day survival aren't always getting done.

David and Daphne managed to squeeze in a pumpkin carving one day. I was feeding Christian and did not get to participate. Sad, because I had the perfect idea for my pumpkin that I'll just have to save for next year. I'm sure we'll be back on track by then.

We didn't even make our trick-or-treat plans until October 30. Fortunately I had bought Christian a little outfit months ago when he was just 'the baby who will be born someday.'

I had the best idea for Daphne, and while I thought she looked like what she was supposed to look like, others (ahem, David) may have mocked her outfit a bit.

Can you guess?

(Hint: not a flight attendant, not a girl going to church, and not a random 60's chick.)

If you guessed Daphne from Scooby Doo, you win my gratitude.

Apparently Daphne from Scooby Doo always wears a purple dress and a green scarf, but I just made do with what I had in the closet. And she loved wearing the scarf, so I say it was a win.

I have some cute photos from our trick-or-treat run, but since I didn't ask for permission to post photos of children that aren't my own, I won't post them and you can just imagine in your head Daph and two other little ones having a good time walking the streets. Because it was a good time.

I'm glad we did Halloween this year.