11 November 2011

Many Blessings

We've had two kids in the house now for two months and 1 week. The adjustment has been great; easier than I expected. Not easy, of course, since Christian doesn't love sleeping at night and the days are exponentially busier than they were before. But Christian is a great baby and a perfect addition to our family. His calm nature, combined with Daphne's great love for him, means we're getting along just fine.

We've been honored to be at the receiving end of so many kind acts since Christian was born. Getting meals delivered is probably one of the best side effects of giving birth. Seriously, you're sitting there on your couch when the doorbell rings and there is a hot meal ready to be eaten. I'd have a baby every week just for the meals alone.

(Not really.)

Meeka threw us the most fun sip and see. When you're a mom you don't get to go out with friends sans children very often, so it was a treat to be blessed with a relaxing morning with friends and yummy food. Christian was there, of course, but since I don't have to chase him or worry about him breaking anything, he's no problem.

Emily came and mopped my floor. Can you believe it? It was so wonderful that I took a picture. Another reason to have lots of babies.

(Are my reasons for wanting lots of babies slightly off? I think not.)

I've loved it when the grandparents have watched Daphne. Of course I love having her at home, but having a little quiet time to enjoy Christian alone is priceless.

So many people left gifts for us at church or sent things in the mail, and many included little treats for Daphne as well.

Like these hand-knitted items. I apologize that both kids look loopy; that's what happens when you have approximately 5 seconds to take a photo while you're rushing out the door to church. But goodness, their outfits are cute.

To everyone who has rejoiced in Christian's birth through sharing gifts, your time, and your prayers: we are so thankful. Each act has made life a little easier, and that's a gift for which you can't say thank you enough.

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