14 November 2011

One Day These Will Be Fond Memories

I have a gift for producing children who hate sleep. I'm not exactly proud of this gift, but it's what I've got so I make the best of it.

For the past two weeks Christian has been getting up almost every hour, or like last night, staying up from 11PM-5AM. I read by candlelight while holding him. If I'm going to be pulling all-nighters I might as well do something fun while at it. I've also watch many cheesy Christmas movies via Netflix. Three in one night a couple of nights ago. I love a good cheesy Christmas movie.

David is tired, too, since he has to work 12 hour shifts everyday while Occupy Portland is going on.

To sum it up, David and I both look like our faces have been beaten by bags of rocks. And we both need haircuts. And Daphne has dried snot in her hair.

But look at that sweet face! Wouldn't it be nice if he made it more often...

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