19 November 2011

Never Before Seen Photos & Memories

Friday night Christian saw his first snowflakes.

I weighed him, just for kicks. He's 11lbs even.

Yesterday he laughed. More than once.

He's growing so fast, although bringing him home from the hospital feels like yesterday.

Here's David bringing Christian home on September 2...do you see something creepy in this photo? Hanging from the ceiling fan? Poor baby had no idea he was being brought home to a house of horrors.

The day we brought Christian home was one of my favorite days with him so far (once we got rid of the ant). Daphne was with my mom for the afternoon and David, Christian and I just hung out in the living room napping and watching Bones. So peaceful. Those quiet days with a new baby are precious memories.

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GrandpaR said...

I'll just get another Ant at the next show...