28 May 2011

We've Been Released From Our Prison

Finally, 1 week and 5 days since we quit diapers cold turkey and 1 week 2 days (except we did go to church on Sunday) of house arrest thanks to potty training, we have finally gained the freedom to leave our house.

I should have taken a video of Daphne's reaction yesterday when we told her we were going out. Serious shrieking and running wildly around the house.

Daph really loves using public restrooms. Yesterday during our half-hour visit to Target she went 3 times and loved every minute of it.

Some people go to amusement parks or to the zoo for fun; we go to stores and use their restrooms.

P.S. If you happen to be at our house when Daphne needs to use the bathroom, she'll probably ask you to come with her. She likes sharing her bathroom victories with all.

25 May 2011

Making it Fun

When going to the bathroom, sometimes it's nice to bring along some friends.

24 May 2011

Before Baby Projects #2 and #3

Today we decided to potty train AND paint Daphne's new bedroom.

This was not a very good combination, for any of you who are considering planning this same day o' fun at your house.

P.S. who taught my daughter that yelling "NO!!!!" at the top of her lungs was a good idea? Whoever you are, you aren't my friend anymore.

P.P.S. I'm thankful I don't live near tornadoes.

23 May 2011

When All Else Fails, Eat a Bagel

I wish I was writing to share how wonderfully potty training has been going since we quit diapers cold turkey last Monday.

I wish I was writing that, but I'm not because potty training stinks in many ways and I am very concerned that Daphne will never, ever be potty trained.

We had a brief moment on Saturday where I thought it actually 'clicked' with her. She would have a tiny accident but catch it and finish in the toilet. All morning long this happened and it was wonderful. But then Saturday afternoon was awful again and so far today is awful, too. But we persevere and pray that someday Daph will realize that it's way more fun to use the toilet than the living room floor.

Daphne and I stayed home all day Thursday, Friday and Saturday to focus on the toilet and we're planning on staying home everyday for as long as we can. I don't think I've ever stayed home so much in my life...I may be losing my mind a wee bit. BUT I've done some amazing things with my home-time! Like made yogurt, cream cheese and bagels. All these things are pretty simple to make but you need to be home for several consecutive hours and that can be hard to do with a busy life.

This morning we had fresh-from-the-oven bagels with newly finished cream cheese. I wish words could explain how delicious they were. David asked if the bagels were healthy (because as a rule, ones from the store are not) but since I use good flour and can add things like ground flax meal, they are mostly good for you. The only ingredient in the cream cheese is raw milk, so of course that's good for you. Guilt free bagels. Wonderful.

If the world ends we will officially be set now that I can make these things. If only someone I was blood related to would get a milk cow....

19 May 2011

Two Things I Like

Good morning!

My name is Daphne and I love to eat peanut butter.

I also love to read books.

Yep, it's true.

14 May 2011

Coffee, Sun, Motorcycles, Rain, New Clothes

Did you frequent the Starbucks Happy Hour this week? We may have gone almost everyday once or twice.

And I may have let Daphne try a little of my drink. I though she would take a tiny sip and move on, but noooo, she guzzled it. I'm pretty sure she stunted her growth by about 3 inches. Not so good for one who already struggles with height issues.

Yesterday afternoon Daph and I enjoyed our coffee outdoors while she got to wear her first summertime outfit of the year. This afternoon we didn't even leave our house while the rain flooded our street. Oh the joys of Spring.

Not too far from here the police have been having a huge motorcycle training so we stopped by yesterday to check it out. Daphne likes motorcycles because her daddy has one, but I wasn't sure if she would be very impressed and maybe we would only last a minute or two until she was bored.

Apparently she loves motorcycles a lot more than I thought she did and we stayed until the bitter end. (I make that sound so dramatic, so to be fair we got there about 45 minutes before the training was over for the night.)

It was actually a stressful trip for me because she kept trying to sneak under the fence so she could be on the course with all the policemen who looked like they were having tons of fun.

I would say, "Daph, I don't want you to be squished by a motorcycle!" and she would sing "squished by a motorcycle!" like she thought that might be an interesting experience. I don't think she quite understands the word 'squish.'

This afternoon I made use of the rainy day to get some cleaning done in the nursery so that we can move Daphne out of it one of these days. I went through the box of clothes that she's just starting to grow into and was delighted at all the things I had bought at the end of the season last summer for her to wear this summer. It was like a surprise shopping trip. Cotton shorts from Old Navy that I had gotten for $.47, rompers for $1.50, t-shirts for $1.97. So while Daphne will be adorably dressed this summer, no one is allowed to make fun of her for wearing last year's styles. She can't help it if her mama is cheap.

13 May 2011

Photos to Share on Prom Night

What is so cute about a little one using the bathroom? I think every parent has to have these photos in their arsenal.

But in 10 years Daphne may like this photo better:

And this one:

Probably these ones, too:

Don't forget this chicken, who is never too far behind:

09 May 2011

Happy Birthday, Have a Gray Hair

David and I have a little family rule that he gets to decide our activity for Father's Day and I get to choose Mother's Day. This year Mother's Day and my birthday were the same day, so I decided to head down to see my family and all the mothers there, plus my Grandpa who's birthday was also yesterday.

We're twins, see?

And as tradition states, Daphne and I must take the worst photo ever on Mother's Day. In this photo she was trying to beat me up, like "I love you so much, mom, that I'm going to punch you in the head."

Almost as good as last year's photo.

Daphne loves parties mostly for the food. She may or may not have been sneaking frosting off the side of this cake.

"No one will let me have cake," she thinks.

But wait! Of course she'll get treats if there is some sort of Papa figure involved.

The other day I noticed that I had one gray hair on the top of my head. Isn't it a bit soon for that? The bad thing about everyone coloring their hair these days is that I have no idea who is gray and who is not. Am I the only one? I feel very alone.

Despite that gray hair, yesterday was good and merry. And Daph had a great time climbing to the top of the cat's play structure.

P.S. If you need to read a good Mother's Day post, I liked this one the best.

04 May 2011


If we're outside and I lose track of Daphne for a minute, I can pretty much count on her being in one place.

Cuddled up with her best bud Brynner.

This afternoon she was trying to feed him leaves and saying "luf you Brynner!"

She calls it 'snuggling wif Brynner.'

I call it 'free babysitting.'

02 May 2011

Countdown to Summer

Yesterday the sunshine put a spring in our steps and a smile on our faces.

Today the rain is not having the same effect.

But let's not think about that, shall we? I'll just admire my tan lines and remember that Daphne is a football-playing superstar and is ready for her driver's license.

All good things that come from a warm, sunny day.