23 May 2011

When All Else Fails, Eat a Bagel

I wish I was writing to share how wonderfully potty training has been going since we quit diapers cold turkey last Monday.

I wish I was writing that, but I'm not because potty training stinks in many ways and I am very concerned that Daphne will never, ever be potty trained.

We had a brief moment on Saturday where I thought it actually 'clicked' with her. She would have a tiny accident but catch it and finish in the toilet. All morning long this happened and it was wonderful. But then Saturday afternoon was awful again and so far today is awful, too. But we persevere and pray that someday Daph will realize that it's way more fun to use the toilet than the living room floor.

Daphne and I stayed home all day Thursday, Friday and Saturday to focus on the toilet and we're planning on staying home everyday for as long as we can. I don't think I've ever stayed home so much in my life...I may be losing my mind a wee bit. BUT I've done some amazing things with my home-time! Like made yogurt, cream cheese and bagels. All these things are pretty simple to make but you need to be home for several consecutive hours and that can be hard to do with a busy life.

This morning we had fresh-from-the-oven bagels with newly finished cream cheese. I wish words could explain how delicious they were. David asked if the bagels were healthy (because as a rule, ones from the store are not) but since I use good flour and can add things like ground flax meal, they are mostly good for you. The only ingredient in the cream cheese is raw milk, so of course that's good for you. Guilt free bagels. Wonderful.

If the world ends we will officially be set now that I can make these things. If only someone I was blood related to would get a milk cow....

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