09 May 2011

Happy Birthday, Have a Gray Hair

David and I have a little family rule that he gets to decide our activity for Father's Day and I get to choose Mother's Day. This year Mother's Day and my birthday were the same day, so I decided to head down to see my family and all the mothers there, plus my Grandpa who's birthday was also yesterday.

We're twins, see?

And as tradition states, Daphne and I must take the worst photo ever on Mother's Day. In this photo she was trying to beat me up, like "I love you so much, mom, that I'm going to punch you in the head."

Almost as good as last year's photo.

Daphne loves parties mostly for the food. She may or may not have been sneaking frosting off the side of this cake.

"No one will let me have cake," she thinks.

But wait! Of course she'll get treats if there is some sort of Papa figure involved.

The other day I noticed that I had one gray hair on the top of my head. Isn't it a bit soon for that? The bad thing about everyone coloring their hair these days is that I have no idea who is gray and who is not. Am I the only one? I feel very alone.

Despite that gray hair, yesterday was good and merry. And Daph had a great time climbing to the top of the cat's play structure.

P.S. If you need to read a good Mother's Day post, I liked this one the best.

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DVE said...

You're not alone. Sometimes I'm looking at the top of my hair and I'm like, "Is that a gray hair? Or just a really, really blond one?" And then I always decide that it must be a blond one. I'm sticking here in the land of denial, yes I am...