09 May 2010

A Big, Fat, Holiday Weekend

My birthday is May 8, which this year fell the day before Mother's Day. I believe next year it will be on Mother's Day. I've told David that he can never, ever even think about combining Mother's Day and my birthday. I told him that it would just not be fair, and how can he understand because he doesn't have a birthday/holiday combo problem like Daphne and I do (her birthday is December 24). Then he went on an on about his birthday being a week before Halloween and how he hates it when people try to celebrate his birthday on Halloween. Whatever.

Here's a picture of Daphne and I last year on my birthday, my first birthday with a little baby:

What? You saw nothing? Oh, that's right. There are no pictures of Daphne and I on my first birthday with a little baby.

So here's a picture of Daphne and I this year on my birthday, my second birthday with a baby:

Again, nothing. Sad, isn't it?

Honestly, it's probably because the Daph and I don't really photo that well. See?

What can I say, there is something about "look at the camera and smile!" that is hard for some people.

Anyways, that's Mother's Day #2 under our belts. And yes, Daphne's dress is very cute, thanks for mentioning it.

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GrammaR said...

What! You had a photographer on site yesterday. Wouldn't she take your picture? Or is she into photos of Daphne only?