11 May 2010

Everyone Should Own a Sewing Machine

I don't know what happened since David bought me a sewing machine for Christmas. Suddenly this beast of sewing creativity burst forth out of me, and I hadn't even known it existed.

This past week I made the cutest diaper bag of all time. I love it so much I want to make 100 more, but sadly Daph only needs one diaper bag. Maybe I should make one to coordinate with each of her outfits. That would be a wise use of my time.

Daphne was so excited about it that she first played with Lola's bowl.

Then stole the shoe right off my foot.

Looked for airplanes.

And looked cute.

She is good at showing excitement.


GrammaR said...

Daphne just doesn't understand the love that went into the bag. After all, she is the center of everyone's attention!

Kendra said...

I LOVE that bag! I wish I needed a hundred of them too! I do only have one diaper bag for my two littlies... : ) I am definitely looking forward to another visit from you and your Duplo Queen. What a cutie!

Emily said...

I love this bag!!!! So wish I had the energy right now to sew more! One day! :)