28 February 2011

Some Days Are Like That

Sometimes after an especially trying day of fussing and whining and screaming through an entire trip to the grocery store (and that was just the toddler), this is a very welcome sight...

Bedtime. The happiest time of the day.

24 February 2011

A Tiny Bit of Snow

I hate it when the news people get us all psyched out for a huge snowstorm and then we have a tiny dusting of nothing. It really is one of the saddest things for me. (Apparently I don't lead a very sad life.)

Part of the reason I get excited about snow is because Daphne loves it so much. She doesn't like walking in it or touching it, but she loves to look at it and talk about it.

She made sure to show Lola Dog and Ducky Duck the snow. And yes, Ducky Duck is wearing a diaper.

We braved the horrible weather conditions that canceled school for the day (lame) to run some errands. At Fred Meyer I finally figured out the trick to keeping Daphne happy in a cart: the gigantic, red, sounds-like-thunder-rolling-down-the-aisle, race car cart. I couldn't believe how much she loved it since she typically hates riding in carts. I wish all stores had race car carts.

23 February 2011

Feeling Yucky

Yesterday Daph had this much spunk:

Today she had this much:

It's just has a little fever and congestion, but since we don't get sick much around here I think it's very sad. But she napped today for 2 hours! Not that I'm saying I'm glad she's sick so that she took a nap...I'm just not going to complain about napping.

Now I'm going to sit around patiently waiting for the buckets of snow that they told us to expect today.

I'm still waiting...

22 February 2011

Slices of Life Vol 1

I found this idea from a blog I read who found it from a blog she reads...but I liked the idea so much that I'm copying it. If any of you read Jonah's blog you will recognize the fact that I am a total copycat.

I like the idea of being able to record some little things that happen; things that probably don't matter to anyone else, but little memories I don't want to forget.

So I give you Slices of Life, Vol. 1:

~The other morning I was taking a shower when I could hear Daphne yelling her heart out from the living room. Like a good mom, I hurried as fast as I could so I could get out to help her with whatever terrible predicament she had gotten herself into. What I found is that she was sitting on the floor playing, and a basket she wanted was on the floor about 5 feet away from her...and she needed me to get it since apparently it was way too hard for her to walk over and get it herself. (No, I did not get it for her.)

~Daphne loves to color and draw. We got her one of those big magnetic drawing toys that come with cute magnet stamps. She loves it, and loves it when I sit with her so I can draw whatever she wants me to draw. Yesterday she asked me to draw Bethlehem. I was a little nervous at the challenge, but I think I did OK because she seemed pleased with the result.

~David has taught Daphne the names of some of his favorite football players, and I think she likes the rise she gets when she jumps into a conversation spouting off her name-dropping skills. This morning I had the baby monitor on and was waiting for Daphne to wake up when I heard her little voice saying her first words of the day: "Jerry Rice. Jerry Rice. Jerry Rice. Ronnie Lott. Ronnie Lott. Jerry Rice." Was she dreaming about football players? Because that's kind of weird.

~Does anyone else think that whoever makes child proof outlet covers are just scamming us to take all our money? Because every single one that I have bought Daphne has always been able to take out of the outlets easily. Now she loves to practice her fine motor skills by taking them out, putting them back in, taking them out, putting them back in. I think we would all be safer if we didn't have outlet covers.

~I just watched Daphne pull a Kleenex out of the box, wipe her nose, then stuff the Kleenex back into the box. And then because I'm cheap, I pulled that same Kleenex back out and used it myself.

~Speaking of Kleenex, Daphne can officially, as of today, blow her nose on command. Like actually do the nose blowing action where stuff comes out. But for some reason she'll only do it when you're innocently staring at her cute face (no tissue anywhere nearby) and then laughs hysterically when snot goes flying everywhere. It's a neat trick.

14 February 2011

How I Love Thee

This is not a post about mushy Valentine's Day love, but more about my love for the days that David works a day shift.

There are perks to the shift David works now (4PM-2AM), but honestly, nothing beats a day shift. I love it. I think Daphne will love it, too, once she realizes she doesn't have to wait until tomorrow to see Daddy like she currently thinks. (David has training this week, hence the day shift.)

Daphne and I have been busy on this Valentine's Day. So far we have...

Played outside while it was daylight.

Took a friend to the airport, then went on a lunch date to Ikea.

One of my dreams came true: I got flowers delivered in a box. I see them getting delivered in boxes in the movies so I thought there must be something to it. It's fun to get them in person, but there's something to be said for being at home changing a diaper when surprise! flowers appear on your doorstep. Just like I thought, getting them in a box is super fantastic and I can now die in peace.

Daphne says the flowers are bootiful, and they are.

Then here's the clincher: I think Daphne is actually sleeping during her nap. Her weekend was so wild and fun-filled that she was plum worn out.

Daphne will wake up later, we'll get supper made, and then David will be home for the bedtime routine.

I really, truly love a day shift.

I hope you have something to love today, too.

13 February 2011

Many Things to Love About Parties

Here is what Daphne loved about the shower we had this weekend for her new little cousin, Addison...

1) She got presents, too. A stuffed pig Valentine from Uncle Kyle, the largest collection of Play-Doh imaginable from Aunt Erin, and stickers and paper from Grandma-Great. Daphne loves presents.

2) Daphne loves Addie.

3) A hurricane suddenly blew through and Daphne really loved standing in the wind (as long as someone was holding her tightly because it would have been tragic to see her flying through the fields had someone let go).

4) It was so fun when Uncle Kyle pushed her in the doll stroller at lightening fast speed through the house.

5) Daphne loves Addie again (and playing Killer Bunnies).

6) Is this dog Payton or Cooper? It's hard to tell from far away, but Daph loves both of them and their beds.

6) Daphne loves Addie but can get distracted by ribbon.

05 February 2011

Just Say Yes to Icey Cream

The other day after "nap" (the "" are because while we put her down for a nap every day, we all know there is no sleeping going on) we took Daphne on a little Yo Cream date.

David isn't a big ice cream fan, but he really likes Yo Cream for some reason. I like ice cream no matter what. Daph, too.

David said, "I really like this place, why don't we come here more often?"

I said, "Because it's cold outside."

Daphne said, "More icey cream peeeeeaaase!"

When she says "peeeeaaase" all drawn out like that, she also likes to stick her face real close to yours, like maybe the close distance will somehow reiterate how badly she needs more icey cream.

She is also big on glaring, although I think this particular glare had less to do with her ice cream needs and more to do with the fact that I hate messes and kept trying to wipe her clean in between each bite. I think she thought that was annoying.

03 February 2011

Be Careful, Your Face Might Freeze Like That

You know what would be great? If Daphne would go back to napping. Naps are good. Naps keep you cheerful. Naps keep you from looking like this:

I don't know what her deal is, but just liked she dropped from 2 naps to 1 at a ridiculously early age, she now thinks taking a nap is soooo last year.

I tell ya what: the fact that my firstborn child has a sleep allergy will be greatly beneficial to me should we ever have another baby. My expectations are set super, super low. An hour of sleep a day for the first couple of months? No more than 3 consecutive hours of sleep for more than a year? Easy peasy, and I came out just fine (minus a few brain cells) in the end. It's all good.

01 February 2011

What Bonding Looks Like

Daphne and I have started a new little tradition we like to call 'popcorn parties.'

They're super fun. We pop popcorn in the air popper, which is great entertainment for toddlers. Then we curl up on the couch with our snack and talk and sing songs and talk about the letters around the rim of popcorn bowl. Daphne likes to sing Away in a Manger with the motions, and it's real funny when she does the sleeping motion with her hands up on her cheek (like you're sleeping) and then gets distracted by her ears and then suddenly we're naming body parts. So bonding, I tell you, although I'm not sure why it looks like she's trying to shoot me in this picture:

My bonding activity is educational and stimulating. Know what David's bonding activity is?

SpongeBob. Her brains are going to melt right out of her ears.