14 February 2011

How I Love Thee

This is not a post about mushy Valentine's Day love, but more about my love for the days that David works a day shift.

There are perks to the shift David works now (4PM-2AM), but honestly, nothing beats a day shift. I love it. I think Daphne will love it, too, once she realizes she doesn't have to wait until tomorrow to see Daddy like she currently thinks. (David has training this week, hence the day shift.)

Daphne and I have been busy on this Valentine's Day. So far we have...

Played outside while it was daylight.

Took a friend to the airport, then went on a lunch date to Ikea.

One of my dreams came true: I got flowers delivered in a box. I see them getting delivered in boxes in the movies so I thought there must be something to it. It's fun to get them in person, but there's something to be said for being at home changing a diaper when surprise! flowers appear on your doorstep. Just like I thought, getting them in a box is super fantastic and I can now die in peace.

Daphne says the flowers are bootiful, and they are.

Then here's the clincher: I think Daphne is actually sleeping during her nap. Her weekend was so wild and fun-filled that she was plum worn out.

Daphne will wake up later, we'll get supper made, and then David will be home for the bedtime routine.

I really, truly love a day shift.

I hope you have something to love today, too.


Emily said...

Hurray for day shifts! And our flowers are similar. I got a big bouquet of purple flowers as well...but not from a box. I was present when a former co-worker got boxed flowers. It was pretty special. :)

GrammaR said...

I guess we need to wear her out more often!

Paige said...

you really should write a children's books with all of daphne's many facial ecpressions...it would be a great one!!