01 February 2011

What Bonding Looks Like

Daphne and I have started a new little tradition we like to call 'popcorn parties.'

They're super fun. We pop popcorn in the air popper, which is great entertainment for toddlers. Then we curl up on the couch with our snack and talk and sing songs and talk about the letters around the rim of popcorn bowl. Daphne likes to sing Away in a Manger with the motions, and it's real funny when she does the sleeping motion with her hands up on her cheek (like you're sleeping) and then gets distracted by her ears and then suddenly we're naming body parts. So bonding, I tell you, although I'm not sure why it looks like she's trying to shoot me in this picture:

My bonding activity is educational and stimulating. Know what David's bonding activity is?

SpongeBob. Her brains are going to melt right out of her ears.


Miche said...

I love your blog! Love it! And today Lauren is wearing the onesie you sent her. If she hasn't ruined it by the time I get home I'll take a picture for you :)

GrammaR said...

What! Not Shaun the Sheep!