05 February 2011

Just Say Yes to Icey Cream

The other day after "nap" (the "" are because while we put her down for a nap every day, we all know there is no sleeping going on) we took Daphne on a little Yo Cream date.

David isn't a big ice cream fan, but he really likes Yo Cream for some reason. I like ice cream no matter what. Daph, too.

David said, "I really like this place, why don't we come here more often?"

I said, "Because it's cold outside."

Daphne said, "More icey cream peeeeeaaase!"

When she says "peeeeaaase" all drawn out like that, she also likes to stick her face real close to yours, like maybe the close distance will somehow reiterate how badly she needs more icey cream.

She is also big on glaring, although I think this particular glare had less to do with her ice cream needs and more to do with the fact that I hate messes and kept trying to wipe her clean in between each bite. I think she thought that was annoying.


Nutty Mom said...

You are gonna have some amazing death stares from her when she's a teenager!

GrandpaR said...

She can get kind of excited over Costco food court Icey Cream too!