25 February 2015

And Then There Were Two

I haven't said much about Pascha lately.  She just walks around eating grass, so there's really nothing to say.

In case you're new here, Pascha lives with my parents.  We've had her for two years, and now look!

Daphne named her Daffodil; isn't that sweet?

Pascha and I are suuuper excited about getting to raise babies together. Pascha is doing a better job than I am, though, because Daffodil is already up and walking and Jonas is...not. 

The kids and I are going to have to find time to make regular trips down to do some milking, and David needs to build a stanchion.  I think this one is cute, don't you?  Soon our kitchen will be busy with yogurt/cheese/sour cream/butter making.  We're a little giddy about it. 

Years ago Daph and I used to milk goats three times a week.  Goat milk is fine, but we love cow milk so much more, so then we spent a few years making weekly drives to area farms to buy cow milk.  Then we started driving up to Chuck's Produce for their raw milk.  And now, Pascha!  Yay! 

(The next step, logically, is to live with Pascha.  She can have our guest bedroom.)

Thanks Pascha!  You're the best. 

24 February 2015

Meanwhile in Oregon

So sorry to everyone who is experiencing winter right now. :(  I read about Boston and their 8ft of snow last week.  Must be rough.

daph uses much momentum when throwing a frisbee

nice little hiking spot down the road

grandma and grandpa with their crossword puzzles books

grafting jonagolds onto our apple trees

But is anyone else a tiny bit worried about getting weather payback this summer??

16 February 2015

Jonas: 8 Months Old

Seems like I finish writing one of these monthly posts just to turn around a few days later to write another. 

Do these photos make you want to pick him up and give him a big squeeze?  Because that's the effect they have on me.

Oh, Jonas; he is just the greatest little thing.  When I pick him up he wiggles and squeals with happiness.  It's like he thinks that once I've got him we'll be going on a grand adventure and he can't wait to see where it will be. 

When he's happy he screams and shrieks.  He still loves to eat, bananas being one of his favorites.  He's developed a tiny bit of stranger-danger, yet is still pretty content to be with anyone who wants to hold him.  

I finally stopped swaddling him.  Isn't that hilarious?  A big eight month old boy still wanting to be snuggled tight for sleep time.  I tried to stop around six months but he was not happy about it.  Right now he seems to be OK. 

He adores his older siblings, gets so excited when he sees his dad, but still reaches for me above everyone else. As long as he is happy on the floor I try to stay out of his line of vision, otherwise he won't be content until I'm holding him. 

But holding him is one thing I don't mind, because we all know how short these years (months) are. 

Guess I'll be seeing you in a day or two for his next monthly post. 
1 week, 2 mos, 4 mos, 5 mos

14 February 2015

For the Love (Or Not) of Valentine's Day

Daphne said to me the other day, "You must really love holidays because you always get excited for them."

This could be taken two ways.  Either 1) "Mom, you're a big, annoying weirdo," or 2) "Thanks for making holidays fun for us."  Obviously we choose option #2.

She went on to recall fond memories of Valentine's Days past, especially last year. (My favorite comparison from last year to this year is now we have our OK to Wake clock that keeps them in bed until 7:19 every morning.  That clock has changed my life.)

I won't lie; I thought it was sweet that Daph noticed we have fun on holidays.  But here's the deal:  if you're a parent who doesn't love the little (or even the big!) holidays, your kids won't grow up to hate you or their childhood. When it's hard enough to find time for a shower, time for a pink and red heart-themed breakfast on this one day may be nearly impossible.  Maybe you'll have more time in June, or July, or next October.  Make a heart breakfast then; they'll love it just as much.

The heritage of a happy, love-filled childhood leaves a longer impression than the traditions of one day.

And for the record, I don't like St Patrick's Day. I don't love green or gold (or at least the combination of the two) or four leaf clovers or pinching people.  My kids will probably grow up and have no idea that St Patrick's Day even exists.

I'll let you know if they grow up to hate me for that one. 

P.S. Right now it's 7:26 and all the kids are still sleeping! It's a Valentine miracle.

P.P.S.  They didn't get up until 7:31!

09 February 2015

So Much Nesting

Now that we've gotten Fall and Christmas out of the way it's been my goal to get Daphne and Christian's room put together.  I've noticed a remarkable difference in how much more time they spend in there now that each toy has a place and there is some pretty artwork on the walls. 

They are happy in there together.

It's not perfect yet ( I really want to figure out something different for their bedding), but did I mention that they go in there, close the door, and play together?  Happily?  So I would say that's pretty close to as good as it can get. Especially when they let Jonas tag along. 

Their bedroom is a great size with pretty views out the windows.  If I didn't love my bedroom I would want theirs.  Or the guest bedroom because it has its own outside door and deck.  Or Jonas's room because it's really cozy. Yes, I want all the rooms. 
I spy Christian watching snowfall during a nap time

I started painting their bathroom a few weeks ago but haven't gotten far.  Even though it near killed me doing all that painting when we first moved in, at least Jonas's newborn status meant he slept a lot.  Painting now is not quite so easy, but I'm excited to get their bathroom done because the picture I have in my head looks real nice.

Here's to hoping that mental photo is brought to reality soon-ish!
that time Christian fell asleep with his legs inside his shirt

3 in the bed

when Christian is left in charge

05 February 2015

Stay Little, For Awhile

Despite our recent trials battling a willful three-year-old (and thank you for all the Facebook comments letting me know I'm not alone), I still ask Christian if he wouldn't mind staying my little boy forever.  He'll answer by standing up as tall as he can and saying, "Well, I'm going to grow up now.  See how big my legs are?  But I'll be your little grown-up boy!"

(I said to him, "Give me your best, beautiful smile!" and he said, "Is this funny, Mom?")

I found this print on Etsy and think I need to post it somewhere to read constantly:

etsy source

These years are good years.  Hard ones, of course, but the growing of roots is a privileged time that I find myself wasting too often in frustration and exhaustion.  I'm doing better, though, because before long those little boy legs will be longer than mine and his goofy faces will be used to get other girls to laugh.

making you-know-what noises on his arm

Just don't grow up too fast, buddy.  Not yet.

04 February 2015

Three Year Olds Stress Me Out

Daph keeps commenting on how quickly winter went by this year, and I keep telling her that it's January that's over, not winter.  This weather has been confusing, I'll give her that.
here is Jonas, hanging out by a fence, not feeling cold

Last year I remember having a really warm day in January and then the very next week we got loads of snow.  We expect snow any minute now.

Valentine's Day is already next week, and we are VERY excited because we love Valentine's Day. Currently there are red hearts all over our house.

Aaaannd...Christian purposefully ripped a library book today.  He claims he did not know that we aren't supposed to rip books.  I don't even know.  What I do know is that three is a hard year.  Does anyone else think so?