25 February 2015

And Then There Were Two

I haven't said much about Pascha lately.  She just walks around eating grass, so there's really nothing to say.

In case you're new here, Pascha lives with my parents.  We've had her for two years, and now look!

Daphne named her Daffodil; isn't that sweet?

Pascha and I are suuuper excited about getting to raise babies together. Pascha is doing a better job than I am, though, because Daffodil is already up and walking and Jonas is...not. 

The kids and I are going to have to find time to make regular trips down to do some milking, and David needs to build a stanchion.  I think this one is cute, don't you?  Soon our kitchen will be busy with yogurt/cheese/sour cream/butter making.  We're a little giddy about it. 

Years ago Daph and I used to milk goats three times a week.  Goat milk is fine, but we love cow milk so much more, so then we spent a few years making weekly drives to area farms to buy cow milk.  Then we started driving up to Chuck's Produce for their raw milk.  And now, Pascha!  Yay! 

(The next step, logically, is to live with Pascha.  She can have our guest bedroom.)

Thanks Pascha!  You're the best. 


Michelle said...

Oh yay! Can we come play with Daffodil and Pascha soon? Maybe for spring break or in the summer?

Daffodil is such a great name. Daphne is a great namer of things.

melissa said...

Oh man, it would be so fun to have you!! I know for sure that a Hobby Lobby-then-Pascha-visit make for a great day. :)

Michelle said...

OOH! Now I am really excited! I always forget about Hobby Lobby in Albany! There's an antique store there that I like, too. Basically, Albany is great. :-)