14 February 2015

For the Love (Or Not) of Valentine's Day

Daphne said to me the other day, "You must really love holidays because you always get excited for them."

This could be taken two ways.  Either 1) "Mom, you're a big, annoying weirdo," or 2) "Thanks for making holidays fun for us."  Obviously we choose option #2.

She went on to recall fond memories of Valentine's Days past, especially last year. (My favorite comparison from last year to this year is now we have our OK to Wake clock that keeps them in bed until 7:19 every morning.  That clock has changed my life.)

I won't lie; I thought it was sweet that Daph noticed we have fun on holidays.  But here's the deal:  if you're a parent who doesn't love the little (or even the big!) holidays, your kids won't grow up to hate you or their childhood. When it's hard enough to find time for a shower, time for a pink and red heart-themed breakfast on this one day may be nearly impossible.  Maybe you'll have more time in June, or July, or next October.  Make a heart breakfast then; they'll love it just as much.

The heritage of a happy, love-filled childhood leaves a longer impression than the traditions of one day.

And for the record, I don't like St Patrick's Day. I don't love green or gold (or at least the combination of the two) or four leaf clovers or pinching people.  My kids will probably grow up and have no idea that St Patrick's Day even exists.

I'll let you know if they grow up to hate me for that one. 

P.S. Right now it's 7:26 and all the kids are still sleeping! It's a Valentine miracle.

P.P.S.  They didn't get up until 7:31!

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Erin said...

AHHHH I can't handle the cuteness of these kids!!