09 February 2015

So Much Nesting

Now that we've gotten Fall and Christmas out of the way it's been my goal to get Daphne and Christian's room put together.  I've noticed a remarkable difference in how much more time they spend in there now that each toy has a place and there is some pretty artwork on the walls. 

They are happy in there together.

It's not perfect yet ( I really want to figure out something different for their bedding), but did I mention that they go in there, close the door, and play together?  Happily?  So I would say that's pretty close to as good as it can get. Especially when they let Jonas tag along. 

Their bedroom is a great size with pretty views out the windows.  If I didn't love my bedroom I would want theirs.  Or the guest bedroom because it has its own outside door and deck.  Or Jonas's room because it's really cozy. Yes, I want all the rooms. 
I spy Christian watching snowfall during a nap time

I started painting their bathroom a few weeks ago but haven't gotten far.  Even though it near killed me doing all that painting when we first moved in, at least Jonas's newborn status meant he slept a lot.  Painting now is not quite so easy, but I'm excited to get their bathroom done because the picture I have in my head looks real nice.

Here's to hoping that mental photo is brought to reality soon-ish!
that time Christian fell asleep with his legs inside his shirt

3 in the bed

when Christian is left in charge

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