05 February 2015

Stay Little, For Awhile

Despite our recent trials battling a willful three-year-old (and thank you for all the Facebook comments letting me know I'm not alone), I still ask Christian if he wouldn't mind staying my little boy forever.  He'll answer by standing up as tall as he can and saying, "Well, I'm going to grow up now.  See how big my legs are?  But I'll be your little grown-up boy!"

(I said to him, "Give me your best, beautiful smile!" and he said, "Is this funny, Mom?")

I found this print on Etsy and think I need to post it somewhere to read constantly:

etsy source

These years are good years.  Hard ones, of course, but the growing of roots is a privileged time that I find myself wasting too often in frustration and exhaustion.  I'm doing better, though, because before long those little boy legs will be longer than mine and his goofy faces will be used to get other girls to laugh.

making you-know-what noises on his arm

Just don't grow up too fast, buddy.  Not yet.

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