30 April 2010

Just a Warning

If Daphne ever starts yelling "die! die!" at you, do not be afraid.

She's not wishing harm upon you.

She's simply bidding you farewell.

She does not yet understand the great difference between a 'd' and a 'b.'

29 April 2010

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Daphne is really into cars, trucks, tractors and airplanes right now.

She has a construction site puzzle that she likes to look at, and as she points to each piece of equipment I dutifully say its name so she can try it say it, too. Push tractor. Rolling tractor. Scooping tractor. Digging tractor.

I really need to learn my tractors.

This love of hers is A-OK. I walk down the doll aisle of Target and get shivers up my spine, because am I the only person in the world who finds dolls slightly creepy? Except Cabbage Patch Dolls. Do they still make those? I like them. Daphne can have Cabbage Patch Dolls.

Until then, bring on the trucks.

(I will admit here, secretly, that I do really like My Little Pony. The sparkly hair and the designs on the hind-ends and the colors are all so pretty.)

(Don't tell.)

27 April 2010

Just Wait 'Til You See This...

Do you see that thing? That thing on Daphne's buns? Here in the city we call it a diaper. And not just any diaper; it is actually an All In One Cloth Diaper. It has a water-proof cover, well padded insert and a fleece lining, all in one neat, diaper package.

I made it this afternoon.

Yes, you heard right. My sewing skills now include diaper making. I was so excited about making this that I wanted to call everyone I know to share the great news. But I realized that would be a really boring phone call to receive.

ME: "Hey, it's Melissa. Guess what? I just sewed a diaper!!!"

YOU: "Ummmm..."

See? Boring.

I love using cloth diapers. They are the best thing ever, and now I can make my own. I need to find a better source for the water-proof cover material, because the place I went to had very little good to offer. I think part of the fun of making your own diapers is making super cute ones that you can't find elsewhere.

(Sorry about the makeup-less face/dirty hair/sweatpants combo. Sometimes when you're staying home sewing diapers personal appearance takes a back seat. Daphne's open-mouth trance-like stare...I don't know her excuse.)

25 April 2010

No, I Am Not Biased

This afternoon Daphne and I took David to our cool new hang-out location. They have a YoCream right there. Did you guys know that YoCream is a really good place? Like it's made out of real yogurt with live cultures? And they have Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free cones? (Bob is the next famous person I want to get Daphne's photo with, f.y.i.) We now officially love YoCream. And they didn't even pay me to say that.

Anyways, Daph was really cute today so I took her picture. More than once.

Don't you just want to eat her up??! Seriously, I don't care if certain doctors who shall remain nameless have told me her face is weird looking*. I think she should win a cute baby award. Possibly several awards.

*OK, they didn't exactly say 'weird looking' so much as they said "we can tell by looking at her face that something is wrong with her." Such a nice thing to say to a new mother, yes?

23 April 2010

Our Cool New Hang-Out Location

Once David leaves for work in the afternoons Daphne and I like to A) meet up with friends, B) go shoppin', or C) (only if she is in a very, very, VERY good mood) stay home and try to get stuff done.

We are very thankful to have our friend Spring back in town because it makes going out and about soooo much easier.

We have a new-ish shopping center not too far from us. We go there all the time, but only this week have Daphne and I enjoyed the lovely little park-like area they have. It's not really a park, but it's pretty and we like to hang out there. Daph can play and I can take her picture and there aren't a lot of people around because they are all shopping.

You can watch airplanes landing at PDX; a good thing because Daphne is officially obsessed with airplanes.

She likes trying to eat rocks when she thinks I'm not looking.

And laying down randomly on the ground.

And being uber cute.

Isn't it great how I experimented with photo size? I'm quite pleased with myself.

21 April 2010

10 Years of Wow

My high school 10-year reunion is this year. I think it will be really fun, but of course this momentous occasion has me thinking about all the things I've learned in the past 10 years.

Like I always thought if you gained fat it would layer evenly over your entire body. Because while I may have only gained 8-10lbs since graduation day, all those pounds seem to have somehow accumulated on my neck and jaw area. Strange.

I've learned that having a baby made my rib cage permanently wider. What?! Daphne did not grow in my lungs, thankyouverymuch.

Also, I've discovered that even though I can finally stay out as late as I want, I would rather be home and in my p.j.s by 9 P.M.

It's been a very productive 10 years, if I do say so myself.

Of course you know my greatest achievement (besides being able to keep chickens alive for a year...oh wait, that's not even true since 3 died over the winter and we had to replace them. So never mind) is in this video, where I have taught my young daughter to dress herself:

19 April 2010

The Day My Head Exploded

So you know The Pioneer Woman, yes?

If not, well, you have much to learn.

She came to Beaverton today. I probably wouldn't have known except that my sister knew about it and took the day off work to come up for The PW book signing.

I weighed the options heavily in my head: Daphne meeting a famous person; very cool. Daphne staying up past her bedtime to meet a famous person; hmmm. Me meeting a famous person; very cool. Me dragging a toddler through crowds of people to meet a famous person; hmmm. And then there is crossing town in the evening. Always a nightmare.

We decided to go for it. Erin was coming up early to get to the bookstore, so chances were we wouldn't have to spend hours in line because of that. Of course within 10 minutes of Daphne and I getting there, Daph threw her plastic snow globe onto the floor where it shattered, leaving sparkly water soaking into the carpet and spreading stickiness onto the purse of the nice lady next to us. I really should have taken that as a sign.

Fortunately our line-neighbors weren't mad at us. Daphne won them over with her charming smiles and desire to share her toys.

We got out of line and, thanks to Erin and her hours of waiting, scored second row seats to hear PW speak. That's right, second row. Like 5 feet from her. But you see, little Daphne just doesn't like to sit still. She didn't care that we had second row seats. She didn't care that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. So while PW made her grand entrance and was doing her Q&A time, Daphne and I were

trying to pull all the books off the shelves around the bookstore, and

playing outside in the rain.

The fact that we had second row seats, 5 feet away from PW did not faze her. I should have explained it a bit better to her.

It ended OK, because we did get our picture taken.

And Daphne got to meet her first famous person.

**I'm pretty sure PW confirmed the rumor that there is a movie being made about her love story, with Reese Witherspoon interested in playing the starring role. Again, I was not in my second row seat, so I couldn't hear for sure from the other end of the store. David was saying that I should start a blog about my transition from the country to the city (PW moved from city to country, for those of you non-PW fans) and when they make my movie, have Mary J Blige star as me.

The resemblance is uncanny, so I can see where he got the idea.

17 April 2010

Remembering a Happier Time

David had training in Salem this past week, so we spent a couple of days in Albany so that his commute wouldn't have to be as long.

Now that we are back home just the 3 of us and the number of people to sit around and stare at Daphne has greatly diminished...let's just say the baby is not so happy. The day is only a few hours old and we've already had half a dozen meltdowns and temper tantrums. I love it.

These photos were taken while she was happy. Well, except for one of them.

*While no baby was physically harmed in the making of this next picture, a baby was terribly upset and possibly scarred for life.

11 April 2010

Laundry Flashback

At 2 1/2 months old, Daphne was really good at helping me fold laundry.

At 15 1/2 months old, she is still a super helper.

10 April 2010

A Little Translation

When Daphne and I got home this evening from a shoppin' trip, she kept saying 'dut' over and over again as we were getting out of the car.

Dut? What on earth is a dut?

Finally, slightly exasperated at my failure to understand her, she switched to sign language, where she told me she wanted to eat.

Eat. Dut. Totally makes sense now.

My favorite of her new words from this week is 'book.' I have waited a long time for her to learn 'book.' I'm not a fan of babies pointing and grunting at what they want, or worse, pointing and whining. I appreciate it when Daphne can tell me what she wants in a calm, rational manner. (Because 15 month old's are usually very calm and rational.) It's so much nicer now that she can use her words to tell me that she wants to read a book, because I tell you what, that girl really does love to read.

By the way, her 'book' is actually 'gook.'

'Peek-a-boo' is 'coo-coo.' (I love that, because I think 'coo-coo' is a funny word.)

'House' is 'ow-oos.' Two syllables.

'Church' is 'kirk.' (She says 'church' only because there is a picture of a church hanging above the glider where we rock. She likes to look at it. She also gets a confused look in her eye when I say we're going to church and we go get in the car, because what does the car have to do with the picture of a church?)

Her 'car' is quite easy to understand. Especially because she's usually waving bye-bye while talking about the car. Like, come on, Mom, take me somewhere!!!

'Chicken' is 'kicken.'

There are many more, but that will get you a good head start on understanding her when she's frantically trying to tell you she wants to dut. Or gook.

09 April 2010

Do Not Read if You're Tired of Hearing About Our Chickens

Today was yet another exciting egg day for us. We have 4 chickens, and while you can expect about an egg a day once the days are longer and sunnier, we've been getting only 1 or 2 eggs a day. Today, happiest of all days, we got 4 eggs. This is the first time ever in all our chicken raising lives that all of our chickens have laid in one day.

Daphne officially loves scrambled eggs, which is good because if we start getting 4 eggs a day times 7 days a week...well, you do the math. I think we've decided to set up an egg selling stand in the front yard and have Daphne man it for several hours a day. Teach her some work ethic.

Did you know that home grown eggs have less cholesterol and saturated fat, 4-6 times more vitamin D, and more beta carotene, Vitamin E and A, and omega-3s than store eggs? Just some health news for you.

On an completely unrelated note, we have officially reached the stage in toddler-hood that I have been dreading.

The stage where all small buttons on all types of appliances are the best play things ever.

I really, REALLY don't like this. She knows she's not supposed to and so she tries to be sneaky about it, but when the house is full of beautiful music that suddenly stops mid-song, I usually know who the culprit is.

08 April 2010

Eggs-tra Special

Our giant egg was a double yolker! Let me tell you how exciting that was to crack open and find.

Daphne hopes her giant pink egg will also have a delightful surprise in it. (It won't.)

06 April 2010

Safety First

A great way to cheer up Daphne when she's grouchy....

...is to hand her a weapon.

04 April 2010

Eggs and Stuff

Well, I am way behind on blogging. Daphne has been super ill this past week and we are back to no longer sleeping around here. Remember when she slept through the night? Yeah, that was so nice.

On a lighthearted note, one of our chickens laid the largest egg of all time a couple days ago. I think she must be half ostrich. It cracks me up every time I look at it because it is so huge. I've never taken so many photos of an egg before.

Can you see the giant? It's a little hard to miss.

The egg carton doesn't close over it.

I realize that probably no one else will find this large egg interesting in the least, but did I mention how much it cracks me up?

Talking about eggs just brings us right into the fact that today is Easter. Daphne has been sick, like I mentioned, and last night was not a good night for the two of us. I was afraid we weren't going to make it to church which is sad because Easter services are always so nice. We decided to go but just not put Daphne in the nursery (to keep her germs to herself) and be prepared to leave early if she started to have an illness-induced breakdown (which she did). Plus she had a cute dress to wear that...wait for it...I made for her. That's right, I made it. With a square of fabric, needles and thread. No Scotch tape or staples or anything.

I couldn't get her to look too excited about it. She really didn't like the big bow next to her neck. The dress initially had long flowing tails of ribbon cascading down to the hemline, but I trimmed them up to save her some grief.

Isn't it great to know that if she and I were stranded on a deserted island and I had all the proper tools, I could fashion her a modest covering?

She showed a moderate interest in her Easter basket. Last year we didn't get her one since we knew she didn't care, but this year I was really excited about making a basket for her. David picked out the police motorcycle, I found the book and I made the two stuffed animals. I believe that being able to sew stuffed animals takes me to an all new level of cool. Never mind that David said the giraffe was really cute but that the elephant looked like a cat with one long ear.

Excited about church.

Getting ready to pull out her flower clip.

The nose bubbles are back.

Happy Easter, everyone!