23 April 2010

Our Cool New Hang-Out Location

Once David leaves for work in the afternoons Daphne and I like to A) meet up with friends, B) go shoppin', or C) (only if she is in a very, very, VERY good mood) stay home and try to get stuff done.

We are very thankful to have our friend Spring back in town because it makes going out and about soooo much easier.

We have a new-ish shopping center not too far from us. We go there all the time, but only this week have Daphne and I enjoyed the lovely little park-like area they have. It's not really a park, but it's pretty and we like to hang out there. Daph can play and I can take her picture and there aren't a lot of people around because they are all shopping.

You can watch airplanes landing at PDX; a good thing because Daphne is officially obsessed with airplanes.

She likes trying to eat rocks when she thinks I'm not looking.

And laying down randomly on the ground.

And being uber cute.

Isn't it great how I experimented with photo size? I'm quite pleased with myself.


Miche said...

What can I say I Daphne is a child without bounds :) She loves to try all sorts of things whether it be eating rocks or sleeping on the ground.

At least you know she could survive in the wilderness :)

Paige said...

i bet those rocks were um, um good! silly daphne!! love the little flower in her hair!

Erin said...

The whole rock eating thing is funny...some photos in one of my postings is about her eating rocks!