17 April 2010

Remembering a Happier Time

David had training in Salem this past week, so we spent a couple of days in Albany so that his commute wouldn't have to be as long.

Now that we are back home just the 3 of us and the number of people to sit around and stare at Daphne has greatly diminished...let's just say the baby is not so happy. The day is only a few hours old and we've already had half a dozen meltdowns and temper tantrums. I love it.

These photos were taken while she was happy. Well, except for one of them.

*While no baby was physically harmed in the making of this next picture, a baby was terribly upset and possibly scarred for life.

1 comment:

Emily said...

I love these pictures!! Elise is hit or miss with being tossed in the air. She has to be in the right mood. :)