27 April 2010

Just Wait 'Til You See This...

Do you see that thing? That thing on Daphne's buns? Here in the city we call it a diaper. And not just any diaper; it is actually an All In One Cloth Diaper. It has a water-proof cover, well padded insert and a fleece lining, all in one neat, diaper package.

I made it this afternoon.

Yes, you heard right. My sewing skills now include diaper making. I was so excited about making this that I wanted to call everyone I know to share the great news. But I realized that would be a really boring phone call to receive.

ME: "Hey, it's Melissa. Guess what? I just sewed a diaper!!!"

YOU: "Ummmm..."

See? Boring.

I love using cloth diapers. They are the best thing ever, and now I can make my own. I need to find a better source for the water-proof cover material, because the place I went to had very little good to offer. I think part of the fun of making your own diapers is making super cute ones that you can't find elsewhere.

(Sorry about the makeup-less face/dirty hair/sweatpants combo. Sometimes when you're staying home sewing diapers personal appearance takes a back seat. Daphne's open-mouth trance-like stare...I don't know her excuse.)


Nutty Mom said...

wow I'm impressed! If you need anyone to make extras for I'd be glad to take them off your hands :) I've always wanted to try some, but I'm scared cuz I have no clue what to order.

GrammaR said...

Daphne is thinking about her tractor experience and wondering if she should go back to Gramma's and try again.
Great job on the diaper!

Serwa Chic said...

That's awesome - great job! Shoot me an email if you're interested in some of the places I find my PUL from (they're all online). I'm so excited for you!!!

Bethany said...

I would love to do cloth diapers if we have more kids. If i'm able to stay home. Great job my friend!!

Emily said...

You amaze me!