09 April 2010

Do Not Read if You're Tired of Hearing About Our Chickens

Today was yet another exciting egg day for us. We have 4 chickens, and while you can expect about an egg a day once the days are longer and sunnier, we've been getting only 1 or 2 eggs a day. Today, happiest of all days, we got 4 eggs. This is the first time ever in all our chicken raising lives that all of our chickens have laid in one day.

Daphne officially loves scrambled eggs, which is good because if we start getting 4 eggs a day times 7 days a week...well, you do the math. I think we've decided to set up an egg selling stand in the front yard and have Daphne man it for several hours a day. Teach her some work ethic.

Did you know that home grown eggs have less cholesterol and saturated fat, 4-6 times more vitamin D, and more beta carotene, Vitamin E and A, and omega-3s than store eggs? Just some health news for you.

On an completely unrelated note, we have officially reached the stage in toddler-hood that I have been dreading.

The stage where all small buttons on all types of appliances are the best play things ever.

I really, REALLY don't like this. She knows she's not supposed to and so she tries to be sneaky about it, but when the house is full of beautiful music that suddenly stops mid-song, I usually know who the culprit is.


Anonymous said...

Oh Daphne, full of mischief huh? Haha!

Emily said...

Hahaha! If Daphne sets up her stand, Elise and I would definitely be stopping by to get some deliciousness! (And to show Elise how entrepreneurial her friend is...gotta inspire her somehow. :))