25 April 2010

No, I Am Not Biased

This afternoon Daphne and I took David to our cool new hang-out location. They have a YoCream right there. Did you guys know that YoCream is a really good place? Like it's made out of real yogurt with live cultures? And they have Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free cones? (Bob is the next famous person I want to get Daphne's photo with, f.y.i.) We now officially love YoCream. And they didn't even pay me to say that.

Anyways, Daph was really cute today so I took her picture. More than once.

Don't you just want to eat her up??! Seriously, I don't care if certain doctors who shall remain nameless have told me her face is weird looking*. I think she should win a cute baby award. Possibly several awards.

*OK, they didn't exactly say 'weird looking' so much as they said "we can tell by looking at her face that something is wrong with her." Such a nice thing to say to a new mother, yes?


Nutty Mom said...

Screw the doctors, Daphne is PRECIOUS!

Jessica said...

I agree... what do they know? They told you she wouldn't live! Look at the amazing blessing she is!!! On a side note: we also LOVE Yo-Cream!

Miche said...

I mean what do they know? She is a living miracle and for that we are all so thankful!

Emily said...

Sheesh, doctors are nuts sometimes. Daphne's a beauty!

Erin said...

Oh what a cutie, looks like she was having a good time!

Yeah, those docs said big eyes = sight problems. I think our vision is pretty good!

Kramer Family said...

So I will try this again! I thought this went through yesterday but guess not!

I just want to say that you have such a beautiful little lady and what an awesome miracle God has given you! I love reading your posts and just wanted you to know she is super super cute!