19 April 2010

The Day My Head Exploded

So you know The Pioneer Woman, yes?

If not, well, you have much to learn.

She came to Beaverton today. I probably wouldn't have known except that my sister knew about it and took the day off work to come up for The PW book signing.

I weighed the options heavily in my head: Daphne meeting a famous person; very cool. Daphne staying up past her bedtime to meet a famous person; hmmm. Me meeting a famous person; very cool. Me dragging a toddler through crowds of people to meet a famous person; hmmm. And then there is crossing town in the evening. Always a nightmare.

We decided to go for it. Erin was coming up early to get to the bookstore, so chances were we wouldn't have to spend hours in line because of that. Of course within 10 minutes of Daphne and I getting there, Daph threw her plastic snow globe onto the floor where it shattered, leaving sparkly water soaking into the carpet and spreading stickiness onto the purse of the nice lady next to us. I really should have taken that as a sign.

Fortunately our line-neighbors weren't mad at us. Daphne won them over with her charming smiles and desire to share her toys.

We got out of line and, thanks to Erin and her hours of waiting, scored second row seats to hear PW speak. That's right, second row. Like 5 feet from her. But you see, little Daphne just doesn't like to sit still. She didn't care that we had second row seats. She didn't care that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. So while PW made her grand entrance and was doing her Q&A time, Daphne and I were

trying to pull all the books off the shelves around the bookstore, and

playing outside in the rain.

The fact that we had second row seats, 5 feet away from PW did not faze her. I should have explained it a bit better to her.

It ended OK, because we did get our picture taken.

And Daphne got to meet her first famous person.

**I'm pretty sure PW confirmed the rumor that there is a movie being made about her love story, with Reese Witherspoon interested in playing the starring role. Again, I was not in my second row seat, so I couldn't hear for sure from the other end of the store. David was saying that I should start a blog about my transition from the country to the city (PW moved from city to country, for those of you non-PW fans) and when they make my movie, have Mary J Blige star as me.

The resemblance is uncanny, so I can see where he got the idea.


Anonymous said...

Meeting PW was awesome!!

I'm glad that we were in the first group so she won't really remember us and how she thought I told her to look at the camera when I was talking to you. Or how I thought she thought we were different people the second time she started talking to Daphne. Oh dear.

I am so glad I waited before to get us good seats so I got back to Albany at a good time. Daph wouldn't have lasted too late into the night, but I am sure she will look back on this night with fondness! :)

And we did stand and sit with super nice people, it was fun!

Emily said...

Sweet! I can definitely see where David would make the connection between you and Mary J Blige...hehe. You just reminded me that I never finished reading PW's love story posts so I'll have to do that at some point. :)

Tyler and Becky Rider said...

So I found this blog when I was doing a silly search of my daughter's name, Daphne Rider and thought it was great to find your blog. And then blogging about PW who is one of my favorite people, as I too came from city to country was so fun. It would be fun to hear your opposite story too. Your daughter looks like such a sweety. I can't wait to see what your Daphne does. Please feel free to check out our Daphne at our blog www.theriderroundup.blogspot.com
Becky Rider

Kelsey Buchanan said...

Hi! I hope this doesn't seem completely stalker-ish, but I'm your line neighbor from the book signing so I wanted to say hi! I was going through the list of blogs that people posted on PW's facebook page, came across this one and thought, "oh, that's the adorable baby who was next to us!" And then, "oh! that's me standing next to her" - lol! Daphne was so well-behaved! I'm glad she stuck it out for the picture and the book signing! It was nice being in line with you guys!

Anonymous said...

Kelsey- that is awesome you found Melissa's blog! Hope you don't mind I got you in a photo- I didn't get your face but if you would like to sign a model release... :) You were so nice and I thought it would go good when Melissa wrote about the experience!

Kelsey Buchanan said...

Lol! No problem! I've been searching blogs to see if my mom and I showed up anywhere else :-) Erin, I wanted to thank you for our picture - it turned out perfectly!

Erin said...

oh good, I'm glad! It was hard to find room to get back and take it, so I was hoping it turned out!