31 May 2014

Summer Starts Here

"Mom, what's your favorite kind of animal?"  Daphne just asked me.

"Well, I like chickens and I like cows."

"I don't think I know how to draw those.  Do you like horses?"

"Yes, horses are good."

"I think I will just draw you a giraffe."

Not really sure why she even asked me in the first place?  But now I have a very nice giraffe picture.

BSF ended the first week of May, and Daphne's last week of school was this past week.  I think that means it's summertime and we can lay around and be lazy get ready to have a baby.  We wouldn't mind a week or two of baby-less-ness, though, now that our calendars are more clear.  Babies are great, but they are also sleepless.  And Christian doesn't like it when babies cry, so that could be an issue.

Today I got caught up making tons of laundry soap and bathroom cleaner so we won't have to worry about those for a few months.  Daphne thinks mixing all that stuff up is so fun.  Like science experiments right in our kitchen.

People keep photographing all their strawberry harvests on Instagram and it's making me crazy!!  I bet Ma Ingalls went berry picking at 9 months pregnant; I know I should, too.  I'm just a little afraid of getting down and not being able to get back up.  Too bad strawberries don't grow on tall bushes like blueberries. 
helping with mixing

as a ladybug at her school program

By the way, Daphne had perfect attendance at school this year and I had perfect attendance at BSF and NEITHER ONE OF US got a certificate for it.  Next year I'm totally skipping all the time. 

23 May 2014

Fashion Trends For a 5 Year Old, Part 2

Last night David said, "Just think, in two weeks we could either have a new baby or you could be even more uncomfortable than you already are!"  Aren't those the most romantic words you've ever heard?

Anyway, the main point of this post is to discuss Daphne's impeccable fashion taste.  We've made it 5 1/2 years of her not knowing she could choose colors for her braces.  I've flipped through their little book of color choices...and they aren't pretty.  No solid colors, but lots of butterflies, skulls, multi-colored swirls, and American flags.  The designers are definitely not being paid enough.

For some reason, when we were up getting fitted for new shoes a couple weeks ago, Daph asked about getting pink shoes.  So Sabrina told her about the book of designs from which she could choose colors for her new braces.  Yay! (Sarcastically speaking.)  There aren't any 'good' choices, but we tried to steer her toward some that would be as least offensive to the eyes as possible.  But no matter our prodding, she saw the Amercan flag design and she was sold.

She's so pleased with them.  Yesterday was her first day with them and she wanted to wear her American flag dress as well.  With lace socks, because they match her lace shorts, because they match her lace headband.  Obviously. 

I don't know what to say, except Stars and Stripes Forever!

And God Bless 'Merica. 

17 May 2014

A Mother's Day Card

We can put the sewing machine away because sewing is done for now.  Every baby needs fresh burp cloths to puke on, right?
along with matching receiving blankets

In other news, I was inspired by this post to record Daphne's Mother's Day card.  Especially since cards get lost but the internet will never die, and I don't want to forget the lovely things she thought about me at age 5.

First off, the card cover.  The large feet and spidery hands are good. Love the vintagy-flowery dress.

In case you can't read it:

Dear Mommy,

I think you are very thankful for your tea cups.
I like it when you let me do projects and wash the dishes. 
You are really good at washing dishes.  You are very good at making
macaroni and cheese.  I think your favorite thing to do
is wash dishes and make macaroni and cheese.  When
I was sick I puked a lot.  You turned on shows for me. 
You teach me how to write.  I like you to take me to school
and to OMSI.  At night I like it when you tell stories
and get my cozy animals and drinks and blankets. 
When you are tired you have "mommy time," or go to sleep. 
You always tell me to listen to my friends.
I love you!

Happy Mother's Day!

After I was finished dying of hysterical laughter I was able to catch my breath and read it to David.  He was curious about my liking tea cup.  I think she said that because my preferred glasses to use are my little Ikea mugs with the green flowers?  Not really tea cups but close enough.  He was also confused about the listening to her friends part, but that's because I always tell her to pay attention to how other people are reacting to what she's doing so she knows if she should change her actions.  We're all about tuning in to social cues. 

Anyways, if you're ever wondering what I do in my spare time, it's definitely the dishes.  My favorite thing. 

(We're totally doing this for David for Father's Day.)

(For the record, I do NOT make macaroni and cheese all the time like she makes it sound.  Ask David, he'll vouch for me.) 
I guess she likes mac & cheese but not BBQ ribs?

15 May 2014

This LEGO Table is Amazing

Years ago I saw a fantastic idea for a DIY LEGO table.  The only thing holding me back from making it was that we didn't want another kid table around.  Daphne has that same cheap Ikea table, but since she uses it all the time for things other than LEGOs/DUPLOS, I didn't want to make any permanent changes to the table top.  Having a regular table and a LEGO table was just a little over-the-top crazy for us.  SO.  I came up with a fantastic idea.  (At least I think it was me.  It's such a great idea that I really want to take the credit.)

David built a 'lid' that fits perfectly over the top of the Ikea table, and we turned the lid into the LEGO part.  Then we can take off the lid for regular table use, and storing the lid takes up way less space than another table.  Obviously.

Isn't it so creative and cute?  And aren't we geniuses?  The kids love it.  Major points for spending $0 on this project and successfully using up spare wood that was laying around.  

With more DIYing came more pillowcase jammies dresses, plus one pillowcase turned into a regular summer dress.  I love that they only take maybe 20 minutes to make.  I would make more except the kids share a dresser and they each get just one drawer.  Sadly, it actually IS possible to own too many clothes.  

Christian really needs summer PJs too...do you think he could get away with wearing these?  (David says no.)

Speaking of summer PJs, Daphne asked me why God is making the weather so hot.  I made her a strawberry milkshake and told her to be happy about the sunshine.  The hot weather has made Christian start napping again, and there will be no complaining about anything that induces napping. (Or making milkshakes, for that matter.) 

12 May 2014

I Think They Call This Nesting

Christian announced at supper that we're going to have a baby tonight.  I'm not really feeling up to that project right now, though, so hopefully not?

I got out my sewing machine today for the first time since we moved.  Both my fabric shears and rotary cutter have been missing since the move; very distressing.  Why is it that no matter how organized you try to be in your packing and moving, something ends up lost? 

Today I made Daphne a "jammies dress" (AKA nightgown), her favorite type of pajamas.  I was inspired by an idea I'd seen on Pinterest: found a pillowcase at Goodwill for $.99, left the opening as the hemmed bottom, cut off the top and added elastic and lace.  She is so pleased with it and would like many more.  And since we're trying to build a house and feel very poor, the kids are just going to have to be happy with clothing fashioned from thrift store linens from here on out.  (Because I totally choose wainscoting in the house over new clothes for them.)

The baby got some new bibs.  I had these cut out for Christian when he was a tiny spit-up monster but never got around to sewing them together.  Hopefully this baby won't be a spitter, but I guess we will be prepared just in case.

We brought baby stuff home yesterday from its storage spot in my parent's barn.  Daphne asked me to show her how to set up the infant seat so that she will know how to do it when she needs to babysit the baby.  So excited that she's already up for babysitting. 

Last week's weather was so drizzly, it's nice to see the sun again.  We've learned that this little house heats up like a sauna.  There are no big trees around to help keep it cool, I guess.  That one day it was 90?  It was like 88 in here.  After just one day! The kids acted like they were dying.  I guess this week we will all be dying some more.  (In the best way possible, of course.)

Speaking of dying, I had a thought the other day about whether or not spiders go to Heaven.  Because we like to think our pets do.  Imagine if every spider you ever killed was just waiting for you up there at the Pearly Gates?  Think about that one for awhile. 
bloody knees, always

one final ultrasound at St. V's

won't be needing rainboots this week

01 May 2014

Fashion Trends for a 5 Year Old

Daphne is pretty specific about her hairstyles these days.

On Tuesday it was "two braids on each side that connect in the middle with a bow."

Wednesday: "Nothing except a bow by my face."

Thursday: "Just one big braid."

So far so good; just please no one give her a Pinterest account with pictures of every intricate hairstyle known to man.  I would be sad and my hands would get tired from trying to make them all work.

Tuesday I took her picture because she looked so cute.

Then she said, "wait, I have to put my hand like this:"

And she pulled out the whole 'hand on the hip' pose that everyone does in pictures these days.  Where did she learn that?   I think it's such a funny pose and it kind of makes me laugh, so I know she didn't learn it from me.  (I know, it slims the arms and accentuates a narrow waist and it IS the popular thing...but I still think it's so funny.)

Maybe she already is checking out Pinterest when I'm not looking?

By the way, today starts 10 whole days of Starbucks Frappuccino Happy Hour.  It didn't work to go today and boy am I sad about it.  This year the Frappuccinos are half price instead of buy one/get one.  Isn't that nice?  You can buy an odd number now!  I was just thinking I could go by myself and buy 3 instead of having to get 2, but then realized I could just buy 1 because that would make more sense.  Good grief.