17 May 2014

A Mother's Day Card

We can put the sewing machine away because sewing is done for now.  Every baby needs fresh burp cloths to puke on, right?
along with matching receiving blankets

In other news, I was inspired by this post to record Daphne's Mother's Day card.  Especially since cards get lost but the internet will never die, and I don't want to forget the lovely things she thought about me at age 5.

First off, the card cover.  The large feet and spidery hands are good. Love the vintagy-flowery dress.

In case you can't read it:

Dear Mommy,

I think you are very thankful for your tea cups.
I like it when you let me do projects and wash the dishes. 
You are really good at washing dishes.  You are very good at making
macaroni and cheese.  I think your favorite thing to do
is wash dishes and make macaroni and cheese.  When
I was sick I puked a lot.  You turned on shows for me. 
You teach me how to write.  I like you to take me to school
and to OMSI.  At night I like it when you tell stories
and get my cozy animals and drinks and blankets. 
When you are tired you have "mommy time," or go to sleep. 
You always tell me to listen to my friends.
I love you!

Happy Mother's Day!

After I was finished dying of hysterical laughter I was able to catch my breath and read it to David.  He was curious about my liking tea cup.  I think she said that because my preferred glasses to use are my little Ikea mugs with the green flowers?  Not really tea cups but close enough.  He was also confused about the listening to her friends part, but that's because I always tell her to pay attention to how other people are reacting to what she's doing so she knows if she should change her actions.  We're all about tuning in to social cues. 

Anyways, if you're ever wondering what I do in my spare time, it's definitely the dishes.  My favorite thing. 

(We're totally doing this for David for Father's Day.)

(For the record, I do NOT make macaroni and cheese all the time like she makes it sound.  Ask David, he'll vouch for me.) 
I guess she likes mac & cheese but not BBQ ribs?


What I'm Liking... said...
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Kendra said...

That girls cracks me up! I'm glad you get some "mommy time" after washing all those dishes!