31 May 2014

Summer Starts Here

"Mom, what's your favorite kind of animal?"  Daphne just asked me.

"Well, I like chickens and I like cows."

"I don't think I know how to draw those.  Do you like horses?"

"Yes, horses are good."

"I think I will just draw you a giraffe."

Not really sure why she even asked me in the first place?  But now I have a very nice giraffe picture.

BSF ended the first week of May, and Daphne's last week of school was this past week.  I think that means it's summertime and we can lay around and be lazy get ready to have a baby.  We wouldn't mind a week or two of baby-less-ness, though, now that our calendars are more clear.  Babies are great, but they are also sleepless.  And Christian doesn't like it when babies cry, so that could be an issue.

Today I got caught up making tons of laundry soap and bathroom cleaner so we won't have to worry about those for a few months.  Daphne thinks mixing all that stuff up is so fun.  Like science experiments right in our kitchen.

People keep photographing all their strawberry harvests on Instagram and it's making me crazy!!  I bet Ma Ingalls went berry picking at 9 months pregnant; I know I should, too.  I'm just a little afraid of getting down and not being able to get back up.  Too bad strawberries don't grow on tall bushes like blueberries. 
helping with mixing

as a ladybug at her school program

By the way, Daphne had perfect attendance at school this year and I had perfect attendance at BSF and NEITHER ONE OF US got a certificate for it.  Next year I'm totally skipping all the time. 

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