06 June 2014

New But Not New News

Well...things have taken an interesting turn around here.  You know how we've gone on and on the past few months about building a house?  Yeah.  Not doing that anymore.

A lot of things hadn't been done that we trusted were being done during the preparation process, and it turned out that it was going to cost thousands of dollars to basically start the whole process over, and meant we most likely wouldn't even get to start building for another year.  It became very clear to us that the wise choice was to just move on.  It was really, really REALLY sad, and we didn't tell anyone for almost a month because A) we felt kind of dumb, and B) we wanted to figure out what to do next. 

And if we don't seem too disappointed about it right now, it's not because we weren't at first.  We were and it was awful.  But we have a plan now, (hopefully; things can fall through, apparently) and finally there is an end in sight to living in the rental, and we're madly packing up boxes because we found a house and close on it in 2 weeks!  Crazy, right?
weren't we JUST doing this, they ask?

Finding this house has been the biggest gift.  It has so many of the features we were putting into our build, plus extras that we would've done later as we saved more money.  Like I REALLY wanted hexagon tile for the bathrooms because I love that older house feature, but that stuff is not so cheap.  This house has hexagon tile in one of the bathrooms.  And crown molding, wainscoting, glass door nobs, white front porch, a claw foot tub, white trim, white paneled doors...so many charming, old fashioned details, even though it's a newer house.  And in a market where bidding wars are driving housing prices up, we were the only people to put in an offer on this one, and were able to offer lower than asking price and still get it.  The whole thing is almost unbelievable.    

A lot can happen in two weeks, though, and even though all inspections have been great so far, who knows what weird thing could happen and I could be writing again soon saying, "Just Kidding!"  Then we would be really sad again.  But I guess they're just houses, right?  You can't take them to Heaven with you or anything.  This blog post (I really LOVE her blog) was really encouraging to us, too.  We own a bike shop, people.  We're fine now and we always will be.

So if you catch a glimpse of us in the next few weeks having a baby, packing, cleaning, painting, moving, and we don't know our names or where we are or what year it is, now you'll know why.  It's gonna be wild. 
check out those HUGE hydrangeas!!!!!!

D found a birdbath in the hydrangeas; it was basically the best moment of her life

a white picket fence lined with peonies?  Somebody pinch me

a front porch for our rocking chairs PLUS a cute side stoop off the kitchen. be still my heart.

very excited about their new room.


Kendra B. said...

Where is the new house?! It sounds so dreamy! I'm really sorry you didn't get to build. But look at all those beautiful plants!!

melissa said...

Happy Valley, of all random places! We never thought to even look there but I happened to stumble across this place. It's not in the crowded, neighborhood part, which I am glad about. Very peaceful. With beautiful plants. :)

Meeka said...

What! Holy cow, now I know it's been too long since we talked. Well congratulations and we'll be praying for a smooth and wonderful transition. So excited for you :).

Erika said...

Oh wow!!! What a crazy shift of plans-- but there's much to be said for some fabulous and established gardens, and it looks you'll have those in spades, so...awesome!!! What fun!