09 June 2014

Finally Joined the Strawberry Train

A year or so ago we found the best grocery store ever.  The farm where we had been getting our milk decided to sell their cows, and in our search for a new raw milk source, discovered that raw milk sales are allowed in stores in Washington (as opposed to having to go straight to the farm like in Oregon).  Chuck's Produce carries raw milk, and thus our deep friendship was born.

Chuck's is my favorite place to buy produce, aside from a farmer's market or similar vendor.  A lot of it is from local farms, so everything is always so good.  The fresh bakery is amazing.  We don't buy store bread very often, but when we do it's usually from there because they use the same ingredients I use to make bread at home.  Our big favorite is their coffee and pastry bar.  We'll make a trip to Chuck's an outing for breakfast, too, because for some reason the food they have there is so cheap.  Our family can eat breakfast and get a coffee for around $11.  Isn't that weirdly inexpensive?  I always feel like I'm stealing from them or something. 
fresh fruit, bagels, coffee and a danish.  Starbucks doesn't even compare.

I don't know what D is doing

they love the old trucks

who doesn't love a grocer with kombucha on tap?

Even though they're not paying me to say this (although I totally wish they were), you should make a trip up to Chuck's sometime.  You'll love it.

After this morning's Chuck's run we went right down the street to Joe's Place Farm to pick strawberries ($1.50/lb, in case you needed to know).  Not going berry picking in the summer is basically akin to not getting a Christmas tree at Christmastime.  Pure shamefulness and horror.  We only stayed for about half an hour and picked only 10lbs, but it's better than nothing and at least got us the strawberry experience for the year. 
this one was a good little worker this year

Now that we got some berries I guess the baby can come anytime?  The later he/she comes, though, the better timing will be for David having some time off after we close on the new house.  Vacation books are full for the summer, so the only time he can have off is his paternity leave.  This baby is going to get the surprise of his/her life when at one week of age moving boxes and paint brushes are shoved into his/her hands.  No time for laying around and being a baby, that's for sure. 

(We don't know when our due date is, in case you were wondering.  I don't pay attention because I don't like to tie myself to a specific date...seems like babies come when they want to, not really when the doctor says?  So, whatever, a baby will come at some point and I don't really care when.  That probably sounds weird, but for some reason it works for us.  I wouldn't mind a Wednesday, though, because Daphne and Christian were both born on Wednesdays.  Isn't that cute?)


Erika said...

Raw milk, eh?? I know some folks around here who drink that (although I don't think it's legal, or at least not to sell), but I've never been brave enough to try it myself. I drink almond milk anyway. I feel like that's raw already...??? Ha. But I would totally eat breakfast at that place...sounds and looks awesome!!

Michelle said...

I'm so glad that you were able to join the strawberry chain! It is akin to Christmastime and Christmas trees I think!

And what a lovely little breakfast place! I would enjoy getting breakfast for $11. Very much indeed.