29 July 2014

There's A Reason Pot Eggs Aren't A Thing

David made breakfast this morning.  Between the sausage, potatoes, and gravy, he ran out of skillets.  He decided to give scrambled eggs in a sauce pot a go.  The eggs turned out fine but the pot was a mess.  It was a bit of a disappointment because he thought Pot Eggs could really be a popular dish.  

Jonas is a super smiley baby and I love it.  He giggles in his sleep too, the first sleep-giggler of my kids.  I'm pretty sure that he 'slept through the night' last night.  I think I heard once that 6 hours is technically sleeping through the night for a baby his age?  I fed him only once, at 4AM.  He is so crazy amazing.

Daphne lost a tooth a couple of weeks ago.  She wanted everyone in the world to know, so it's pretty bad that I forgot to even mention it here.  After the trauma of her first lost tooth, this simple and typical loose tooth experience was rather tame and easily forgettable.

Christian said to David today, "You have a giant Jesus in your glasses."  We don't know what that means. 

tiny pool

big pool

crazy David

headless David

handsome baby

27 July 2014

I Don't Know if We'll Ever Get Moved In

Moving in is a lot slower process than I thought it would be.  Either I'm very lazy or there are (3) distractions slowing down the process.  Or a nice combination of both.  It doesn't help that I'm having a very hard time deciding where to put things.  I don't want to nail a hole in the wall unless I am absolutely, 100%, perfectly sure that what is being hung is being hung in the right place.  It's very stressful and also ridiculous. 

Tuesday afternoon we were able to stay home and get some good stuff done, like hang up our new dining room and kitchen nook lights.  They were both bought for our build but thankfully fit in perfectly here. And boy are they beautiful.  (Just imagine a beautiful light, because I have no photos yet.)  Hanging lights is such a good marital bonding exercise.  I got to stand on a chair holding up the lights until it felt like my arms were going to fall off while David cursed the whole idea of electricity.  It was really fun. 

(OK, he didn't really curse, or curse out loud at least.  Mostly just a lot of sweating and grunting in anger.  Bot nobody got electrocuted and our house hasn't burned down!)

We were also able to get rid of almost as many boxes of stuff as we moved in.  At least that's how it felt.  Are we undiagnosed hoarders?  Why do we have so much stuff? 

Wednesday morning we took off for a fun outing for the kids.  I think we chose an excellent activity because they haven't stopped talking about it since: riding MAX to the airport and playing at the airport playground.  Some people go to the airport because they are actually going somewhere fun.  We just go to the airport.

Agenda for today: make decisions about hanging stuff.  Be confident in the decisions.  Move on.  

20 July 2014

Chocolate Cake Sounds Really Good Right Now

For the first time I took all three kids to church this morning while David was at work.  It wasn't really that fun, if we're going to be honest about it.  Christian likes to talk in his full size voice during prayer and Jonas puked on me a bunch. I changed his diaper and clothes right on the pew during the sermon.  Is that against all the church etiquette?  It seemed like a better choice than dragging everyone to the nursery.

Our church provided meals for us the first two weeks after we moved.  It was a lifesaver, I tell you.  We wouldn't have had food without those deliveries.  This week has been freezer meals provided by friends.  Also a lifesaver.  Pretty soon I'm going to have to start cooking again.  Or maybe just hire a cook?

Jonas is starting to be a little fussier in the evenings.  He's just like his mama, though, in that he is always soothed by a little swing time on the front porch.  Too bad swinging on the front porch all afternoon isn't very compatible with life.  Maybe it will be once we hire a cook. 

I think I could sleep for a week solid and Daphne thinks life is "so boring" now that we stay home more during David's work week, but other than that we're all doing well.

Because I have nothing more to say, here are some 4th of July pictures from however long ago it was the 4th of July.  

man, I love those flag banners

P.S.  Yesterday I saw someone slow down in front of our house and take a picture of it.  Either they are creepy people who are going try to steal our hydrangea bushes, or we have a house cute enough that people want to stop for a picture.  I vote the latter, and I also vote we set up a photo booth and charge money.  For the cook.  I mean, for the kids and their college funds.  

17 July 2014

Jonas: One Month

Jonas is one month old already.  Staring at ceiling fans is probably his favorite thing in the world.  Other than that he eats well and seems so chubby to me, and he's sleeping really well (only waking once or twice a night.)  He's an amazing baby and I love him.  If you're going to move with a new baby, I think this is the baby you want.

(He gives that face a lot.  I try not to take it personally.)

Staring at the ceiling fan:

Posing on our new quilt from GAL:

In house related news: I think I'm finally done painting, and we celebrated last night by hanging our very first piece of artwork.

Isn't it lovely?  This is Jonas's nursery.  It's going to be SO cute, so please look forward to some room reveal photos someday. 

10 July 2014

Mini Catch-Up

This little blog has been getting about triple the amount of views lately compared to a few months ago.  The most hits ever received: on the post about closing on our new house and Jonas's blood weirdness.  Second biggest: photos right after J was born.  And third place: telling the news of our home building failure. 

So apparently you all really like new houses, new babies, and tragedy. We'll keep that in mind for future posts. 

We finally got internet here at the new place and now we can know what's going on in the world!  (By world, I mean Instagram.) 

I did hear that there was a cougar sighting just a few blocks from here.  Very strange, since a cougar was caught a few blocks from our Parkrose house recently.  Cougars must like us and want to follow us?  We probably smell really good.

It seems like there should be a lot of news to share since I haven't been on here in two weeks.  Honestly, the past two weeks are a blur of moving boxes, paint splatters, wild children, and interrupted nighttime sleep.  Not to mention sore legs from moving boxes up and down what feels like one million stairs. 

The new carpet comes today, then hopefully we can finish unpacking and then share some house pictures.  For now, a few snippets:
car tracks off the stairs while I try to get painting done

pleased that I let her help in her bedroom

new bath toys kept them occupied so I could get a little work done

reading to baby brother

good thing I have the help of Wonder Woman