29 July 2014

There's A Reason Pot Eggs Aren't A Thing

David made breakfast this morning.  Between the sausage, potatoes, and gravy, he ran out of skillets.  He decided to give scrambled eggs in a sauce pot a go.  The eggs turned out fine but the pot was a mess.  It was a bit of a disappointment because he thought Pot Eggs could really be a popular dish.  

Jonas is a super smiley baby and I love it.  He giggles in his sleep too, the first sleep-giggler of my kids.  I'm pretty sure that he 'slept through the night' last night.  I think I heard once that 6 hours is technically sleeping through the night for a baby his age?  I fed him only once, at 4AM.  He is so crazy amazing.

Daphne lost a tooth a couple of weeks ago.  She wanted everyone in the world to know, so it's pretty bad that I forgot to even mention it here.  After the trauma of her first lost tooth, this simple and typical loose tooth experience was rather tame and easily forgettable.

Christian said to David today, "You have a giant Jesus in your glasses."  We don't know what that means. 

tiny pool

big pool

crazy David

headless David

handsome baby


Erika said...

Ummm...is David insane? Did he survive the belly flop into the 6 inch deep water?? Holy cow.

Diane McKee said...

Better yet...did the pool survive? Great summer fun!

Matt + Gina said...

Glad you explained "pot eggs". My brain gravitated to something totally different. Lol!