20 July 2014

Chocolate Cake Sounds Really Good Right Now

For the first time I took all three kids to church this morning while David was at work.  It wasn't really that fun, if we're going to be honest about it.  Christian likes to talk in his full size voice during prayer and Jonas puked on me a bunch. I changed his diaper and clothes right on the pew during the sermon.  Is that against all the church etiquette?  It seemed like a better choice than dragging everyone to the nursery.

Our church provided meals for us the first two weeks after we moved.  It was a lifesaver, I tell you.  We wouldn't have had food without those deliveries.  This week has been freezer meals provided by friends.  Also a lifesaver.  Pretty soon I'm going to have to start cooking again.  Or maybe just hire a cook?

Jonas is starting to be a little fussier in the evenings.  He's just like his mama, though, in that he is always soothed by a little swing time on the front porch.  Too bad swinging on the front porch all afternoon isn't very compatible with life.  Maybe it will be once we hire a cook. 

I think I could sleep for a week solid and Daphne thinks life is "so boring" now that we stay home more during David's work week, but other than that we're all doing well.

Because I have nothing more to say, here are some 4th of July pictures from however long ago it was the 4th of July.  

man, I love those flag banners

P.S.  Yesterday I saw someone slow down in front of our house and take a picture of it.  Either they are creepy people who are going try to steal our hydrangea bushes, or we have a house cute enough that people want to stop for a picture.  I vote the latter, and I also vote we set up a photo booth and charge money.  For the cook.  I mean, for the kids and their college funds.  

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Erika said...

It was me taking pictures of your house. Just want to make sure I'm acquainted with the neighborhood before I move out. Also, I think you were fine doing the diaper/wardrobe change during church. A few years ago I watched this lady in my church during a sermon as she simultaneously nursed her baby, crocheted/knitted something, AND was taking sermon notes. I was like...dang, I don't accomplish that much in a week.