27 July 2014

I Don't Know if We'll Ever Get Moved In

Moving in is a lot slower process than I thought it would be.  Either I'm very lazy or there are (3) distractions slowing down the process.  Or a nice combination of both.  It doesn't help that I'm having a very hard time deciding where to put things.  I don't want to nail a hole in the wall unless I am absolutely, 100%, perfectly sure that what is being hung is being hung in the right place.  It's very stressful and also ridiculous. 

Tuesday afternoon we were able to stay home and get some good stuff done, like hang up our new dining room and kitchen nook lights.  They were both bought for our build but thankfully fit in perfectly here. And boy are they beautiful.  (Just imagine a beautiful light, because I have no photos yet.)  Hanging lights is such a good marital bonding exercise.  I got to stand on a chair holding up the lights until it felt like my arms were going to fall off while David cursed the whole idea of electricity.  It was really fun. 

(OK, he didn't really curse, or curse out loud at least.  Mostly just a lot of sweating and grunting in anger.  Bot nobody got electrocuted and our house hasn't burned down!)

We were also able to get rid of almost as many boxes of stuff as we moved in.  At least that's how it felt.  Are we undiagnosed hoarders?  Why do we have so much stuff? 

Wednesday morning we took off for a fun outing for the kids.  I think we chose an excellent activity because they haven't stopped talking about it since: riding MAX to the airport and playing at the airport playground.  Some people go to the airport because they are actually going somewhere fun.  We just go to the airport.

Agenda for today: make decisions about hanging stuff.  Be confident in the decisions.  Move on.  

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