10 July 2014

Mini Catch-Up

This little blog has been getting about triple the amount of views lately compared to a few months ago.  The most hits ever received: on the post about closing on our new house and Jonas's blood weirdness.  Second biggest: photos right after J was born.  And third place: telling the news of our home building failure. 

So apparently you all really like new houses, new babies, and tragedy. We'll keep that in mind for future posts. 

We finally got internet here at the new place and now we can know what's going on in the world!  (By world, I mean Instagram.) 

I did hear that there was a cougar sighting just a few blocks from here.  Very strange, since a cougar was caught a few blocks from our Parkrose house recently.  Cougars must like us and want to follow us?  We probably smell really good.

It seems like there should be a lot of news to share since I haven't been on here in two weeks.  Honestly, the past two weeks are a blur of moving boxes, paint splatters, wild children, and interrupted nighttime sleep.  Not to mention sore legs from moving boxes up and down what feels like one million stairs. 

The new carpet comes today, then hopefully we can finish unpacking and then share some house pictures.  For now, a few snippets:
car tracks off the stairs while I try to get painting done

pleased that I let her help in her bedroom

new bath toys kept them occupied so I could get a little work done

reading to baby brother

good thing I have the help of Wonder Woman

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Courtney Dixon said...

The Wonder Woman photo may be one of the cutest things I've ever seen. I'm so excited to see you, your new house, and eventually bring you something yummy to eat. Love you!