31 March 2012

Slices of Life, Vol V

Daph in the Third Person.

(from her bed one morning)
Mama! She wants her bear! Mama! Her bear! It's in the lifin' room!"

(standing on the couch looking out the front window)
"Mailman! She wants a box!"

Daph is Very Wise.

David: "Daphne, is Jesus at church?"
Daphne: "No, Jesus is in Mary's tummy."

Daphne: "You do not put fish in a kitty's mouth."
(As she learned by watching Tom and Jerry. Don't say TV can't teach you anything.)

Daph is Independent

Sometimes Daphne goes to the bathroom a little bit, flushes the toilet, then goes some more.

She's been getting herself up in the morning quite a bit lately. The first time she did it David and I woke up to hearing someone pounding away on the piano. Fortunately it was just Daphne and not a musical intruder.

Daph Celebrates Holidays and Vacations

Daphne: "Easter is not yummy."

Daphne: "When the snow comes back we will go to our snow house!"

Daph is a Creature of Habit

Every night she goes to sleep lying on her tummy with Yoda and Eeyore under one arm, Ducky Duck and Praying Bear under the other. Then Brown Blanket is over all 5 of them, and White Blanket on the very top of it all.

I kiss her and hug her and tell her I'll be there when she wakes up. She says, "When the sun comes up, when it's light outside, and when Daddy comes home."

Don't even think about trying to mess any of this up.

Daph is Kind

Daphne: "When Daddy is a little girl and he goes poo I will give him one of my treats."

30 March 2012

The Tooth Fairy Was Well Received

Being the Tooth Fairy for the first time is such a big moment that you need to document it with a photo:

I thought we were going to put the box under her pillow, but apparently David told her the Tooth Fairy would leave her present at the end of her bed. I personally did not like this idea but it seems I was playing assistant and did not get a say. Boo.

Once Daphne woke up, and had to ask one million times where her tooth went, and search all over and under her bed for it, she was finally satisfied that it was gone and that she had a fun toy to play with instead.

We rock as Tooth Fairy and Assistant to the Tooth Fairy.

28 March 2012

The Tooth Fairy Has Come Early

I'm not sure what it says about my vanity, but I really didn't want Daphne to lose any teeth from her fall last week. I know in my head that it's not that big of a deal: it's just her baby teeth and her adult teeth will come someday. But someday is many years away. Losing baby teeth now means having no teeth for years.

I've known one other child who had to have teeth pulled as a toddler and I remember thinking I was glad that wasn't me and my kid. And now it is me and my kid and other people are probably glad not to be us. Plus, doesn't it seem like Daph visits the doctor enough? Seems like teeth pulling is just an event we could really do without.

We had a follow-up dentist appointment this afternoon and found that one of her front teeth was beyond saving and we decided it was best to just have it pulled right then instead of waiting longer and having the chance of infection go up. So without any psychological preparation for the sensitive mama (because honestly, Daphne does not seem to care), out came the tooth. She cried when they gave her the shot of anesthetic and that was it.

The other front tooth doesn't look like it has much of a chance of surviving, but since there was a tiny bit of hope I asked that we wait. In two weeks we'll see if that tooth will go as well (and you know I'll be praying for a miracle every day until then).

We've never discussed the Tooth Fairy or teeth falling out since we thought we had a long time before it became an issue. David decided Daphne deserved something much more than a quarter or two for this tooth so I went to Target to use one of their amazing 50% off coupons from this week's add for a Thomas the Train Mega Blocks set.

She's pretty excited that her tooth is going to be exchanged for a present. David and I had to have a talk on how the Tooth Fairy is supposed to work. Do we leave the gift tonight after she's asleep? Wake up really early in the morning so that it's not in her bed as long?

(Parents: have the Tooth Fairy conversation now. You want to be prepared.)

It's harder than I thought to become the Tooth Fairy. If dear Daphne would stop climbing things so we don't have to do this again I would be OK with that.

As the dentist said, kids knocking their teeth out is a personality issue. So just settle down, kid. Just settle down.

27 March 2012

It's Important to Document the First Trip to Ikea

Last week we went to Ikea for the first time since Christian was born. Daphne and I used to go all the time while David was at work; it's such a great place to go to get ice cream and let Daph play in the kitchen area.

We've been wondering lately if she would qualify for the big kids play area, where you drop them off to play while you go shop. I know they need to be potty trained, but the height requirement concerned me. Sure enough, she is a few inches too short, but once we explained things a bit they let her in! The workers were so sweet about it, and Ikea officially has the best play area ever. She had the best time and now that Daphne is officially registered, I think we'll be going there more often.

Christian had to stay with us.

I wasn't able to get all the things on my list, but David found something that we just needed, so we came home with that instead.

A super fun road carpet for only $12.99. I've seen some cute DIY ones that I've considered making because I know David has wanted one of these carpets for the kids, but let's face it, there's not much time for DIYing lately and $12.99 will not break the bank.

It's a small price to pay for something that offers such fun for all.

22 March 2012

First (Unexpected) Trip to the Dentist

Today we made a trip to Costco, where Daphne took a good tumble out of the stroller and face-planted onto the concrete floor. I always have a hard time when she falls like this because I'm concerned with having to see guts or bones or in this case, teeth lying on the floor.

The Costco people were amazing. I know they were probably just concerned about us not suing them, but they were so nice that I like to think they cared a little about the small girl leaving puddles of blood on their floor. They got ice for her and let David take her to the car (offering us a ride anywhere if we had no car) and opened a check-out lane just for me so Christian and I could get out quickly. Someone even pushed my cart out for me and loaded the car up with our purchases.

We immediately took Daphne on an emergency trip to the dentist where it was confirmed that she knocked her two front teeth loose, and that she had apparently loosened them before. This time was a good one, though, so we'll have to make many more dentist trips in the next few months to make sure she'll healing well and hope they don't have to pull her front teeth.

For now her face is a swollen, bleeding mess and she gets to be on a liquid and soft food diet for the next week. She is doing pretty well; it just looks like she has taken up boxing as a hobby.

I know people say little boys are always getting into scrapes and stressing out their mama's with their injuries, but I would say Daph could give them all a run for their money. Costco, too, since they were the ones who got to mop up her blood puddles.

David stayed home from work so I wouldn't have to have a fussy non-sleeping baby and a fussy loose-toothed girl to take care of alone. They are watching shows while I clean the house and take a step back in time by making Daphne some baby food.

16 March 2012

On Becoming Friends

My favorite sight these days:

It only lasts a minute or two, but it's lovely while it does.

Daph loves having Christian with her.

She asks, "can Christian sit in the high chair that is called blue?"

(We're working on the fact that she can call it a Bumbo, since that's a lot less work than 'the high chair that is called blue.')

15 March 2012

A Snowcation

A couple of months ago I found a smashing deal for The Grand Lodges at Collins Lake Resort up at Government Camp. We'd been tossing around the idea of a little family vacation but weren't sure what to do, and when I found these we decided it sounded perfect.

We went this week and it was perfect.

You can tell by Daphne's face how excited she was as we got close to our destination and she could see all the snow.

We got to our condo and she was thrilled that we had acquired a snow house in addition to our regular house.

"Now we have two houses," she said, "our house and our snow house."

We spent the days playing in the snow, coming in to warm up by the fire, playing in the snow, eating, playing by the fire, and playing in the snow.

It snowed pretty much the entire time. We always had a beautiful view from the windows.

Daphne got to sleep in a bedroom with bunk beds, and although we did not trust her to sleep on the top she loved playing up there. She told me that when Christian grows up she will sleep on the top and he can sleep on the bottom. (She really thinks we own the place.)

Sometimes David and Daphne went out to play where I could see them from our deck.

Christian liked being outside, but he also liked playing Jenga next to the cozy fire.

Snuggling with Daddy was good, too.

Our first official family vacation was definitely a hit. The resort is a beautiful place to stay, we would go back in a heart beat. The weather was perfect, and of course, the company was delightful.

13 March 2012

Time for the Yummy Stuff

Now that Christian is 6 months old we decided he's probably ready to start experimenting with solid foods.

(One reason this does not excite me: the diapers. That's kind of two words, but you know what I'm talking about.)

I had heard about this book, Baby Led Weaning, and I thought to myself that it sounded interesting. So we decided to be wild and unconventional and skip the purees...and guess what? It's amazing. We love it. So read all about it and who knows, you may decide it sounds fun for you and your baby, too. It might not work for everyone (and of course this doesn't mean we'll never feed him any food on a spoon), but for some reason it works really well for us.

Christian's first bit of food was a steamed carrot that he happily fed to himself.

Now when we're eating as a family, I cut Christian a slice big enough for him to grasp and he gnaws/sucks/slobbers-all-over/swallows-a-tiny-bit of whatever we are eating, as long as it's something soft enough that he can mash with his gums. So easy.

Because a baby's gag reflex is so strong, Christian swallows what he mashes and spits out the chunks that are too big for him to handle. God made babies pretty darn amazing.


(If you're curious as to why I don't start my kids on rice cereal/grains, this article explains a little bit)

Welcome to the world of delicious food, buddy. I think you're going to like it.

08 March 2012

Christian: 6 Months

I'm a good week over-due for this post; my reasoning being that dear Christian has been a bit of a mess these past few weeks. He hasn't been napping during the day or sleeping well at night (nothing new) but now he only likes it when I'm holding him during his awake time. Which is a lot of awake time, seeing as how he hardly sleeps (I'm not exaggerating here. For the past 2 months, if he naps at all during the day, it's for maybe 30 minutes at a time and more recently only 15-20 minutes. I've tried every trick in the book to no avail. The child will. not. sleep.) Instead of preschool I'm planning on sending Daphne to massage therapy school, because mama's back needs some serious love from all the baby-holding.

I haven't wanted to take his 6 month photo because I knew he would just be crying...and that's when I realized I should just take his picture anyways, since that's what he was doing when he turned 6 months old. Crying. And not sleeping.

Other 6 month accomplishments:

*He's still tiny. I don't think he's even on the chart for weight anymore. Poor thing. I think he just likes his 3 month clothes and never wants to grow out of them.

*I'm wondering is he will ever learn to sit. Sometimes I can squish his stiff body into the Bumbo seat for a few minutes, but for the most part he will only stand. Standing is his favorite thing.

*We found it so helpful to use baby sign language with Daphne, so I started signing 'milk' to Christian a few weeks ago. To my great surprise, it took him no time at all to get that sign down. Apparently his stomach is very important to him. Now I'm working on teaching him 'mama' because it's very disheartening to have him make the sign for 'milk' every time he sees me. As if that's my name or something.

*He got an eczema rash on his face a few weeks ago. On the few days where it's been warm his face clears up really well, but then as soon as it's cold again the rash comes back. I think his face and I can say we are ready for summer.

*Christian has started to love watching Daphne play. As long as she keeps her distance, she gets the most smiles and laughs out of him as anyone. Her favorite thing is to dance around to make him laugh.

*He loves having a toy in his hands and gets bored without something to hold onto.

*He held onto his dark hair longer than Daphne did, long enough to make me think he would keep it forever. Nope, he's starting to lighten up. His eyes are dark grey; time will tell if they go all the way brown or not.

Happy half birthday to my sweet baby boy. I'll stick with you during these fussy times because I know someday soon you'll feel better and life will be happy again.

06 March 2012

Looking Angry

The other day while I was feeding Christian I could hear David saying things like,

"Look angry!"


"Show me some fist!"

This is what I found on the camera today.

02 March 2012

Look, She Can Build a Tower!

We went to Shriners again this week to pick up Daphne's new shoes and to have a screening done by an occupational therapist.

I guess her doctor wanted to check her fine motor skills and make sure she has proper hand dexterity. Daph scored higher than her age, so apparently she's fine.

We already knew that, but it's always nice to hear it from a professional. Her x-rays showed she has some bones fused together in her wrists and ankles. Fortunately that's not slowing her down at all.