31 March 2012

Slices of Life, Vol V

Daph in the Third Person.

(from her bed one morning)
Mama! She wants her bear! Mama! Her bear! It's in the lifin' room!"

(standing on the couch looking out the front window)
"Mailman! She wants a box!"

Daph is Very Wise.

David: "Daphne, is Jesus at church?"
Daphne: "No, Jesus is in Mary's tummy."

Daphne: "You do not put fish in a kitty's mouth."
(As she learned by watching Tom and Jerry. Don't say TV can't teach you anything.)

Daph is Independent

Sometimes Daphne goes to the bathroom a little bit, flushes the toilet, then goes some more.

She's been getting herself up in the morning quite a bit lately. The first time she did it David and I woke up to hearing someone pounding away on the piano. Fortunately it was just Daphne and not a musical intruder.

Daph Celebrates Holidays and Vacations

Daphne: "Easter is not yummy."

Daphne: "When the snow comes back we will go to our snow house!"

Daph is a Creature of Habit

Every night she goes to sleep lying on her tummy with Yoda and Eeyore under one arm, Ducky Duck and Praying Bear under the other. Then Brown Blanket is over all 5 of them, and White Blanket on the very top of it all.

I kiss her and hug her and tell her I'll be there when she wakes up. She says, "When the sun comes up, when it's light outside, and when Daddy comes home."

Don't even think about trying to mess any of this up.

Daph is Kind

Daphne: "When Daddy is a little girl and he goes poo I will give him one of my treats."

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Kelley said...

She knows she is safe in sharing her treats with Daddy! She did, however, share her food with me when she was here.