22 March 2012

First (Unexpected) Trip to the Dentist

Today we made a trip to Costco, where Daphne took a good tumble out of the stroller and face-planted onto the concrete floor. I always have a hard time when she falls like this because I'm concerned with having to see guts or bones or in this case, teeth lying on the floor.

The Costco people were amazing. I know they were probably just concerned about us not suing them, but they were so nice that I like to think they cared a little about the small girl leaving puddles of blood on their floor. They got ice for her and let David take her to the car (offering us a ride anywhere if we had no car) and opened a check-out lane just for me so Christian and I could get out quickly. Someone even pushed my cart out for me and loaded the car up with our purchases.

We immediately took Daphne on an emergency trip to the dentist where it was confirmed that she knocked her two front teeth loose, and that she had apparently loosened them before. This time was a good one, though, so we'll have to make many more dentist trips in the next few months to make sure she'll healing well and hope they don't have to pull her front teeth.

For now her face is a swollen, bleeding mess and she gets to be on a liquid and soft food diet for the next week. She is doing pretty well; it just looks like she has taken up boxing as a hobby.

I know people say little boys are always getting into scrapes and stressing out their mama's with their injuries, but I would say Daph could give them all a run for their money. Costco, too, since they were the ones who got to mop up her blood puddles.

David stayed home from work so I wouldn't have to have a fussy non-sleeping baby and a fussy loose-toothed girl to take care of alone. They are watching shows while I clean the house and take a step back in time by making Daphne some baby food.


nathan said...

Aww, poor girl. That sucks. Tell her that Adelle's dad is praying for her teeth to heal up well.

Miche said...

Dumb blogger ate my comment! Get well soon Daphne was the gist of it :)

jene26 said...

Aww...poor little girl. Glad she is ok and she'll be up and running and jumping/falling out of things soon again! lol