08 March 2012

Christian: 6 Months

I'm a good week over-due for this post; my reasoning being that dear Christian has been a bit of a mess these past few weeks. He hasn't been napping during the day or sleeping well at night (nothing new) but now he only likes it when I'm holding him during his awake time. Which is a lot of awake time, seeing as how he hardly sleeps (I'm not exaggerating here. For the past 2 months, if he naps at all during the day, it's for maybe 30 minutes at a time and more recently only 15-20 minutes. I've tried every trick in the book to no avail. The child will. not. sleep.) Instead of preschool I'm planning on sending Daphne to massage therapy school, because mama's back needs some serious love from all the baby-holding.

I haven't wanted to take his 6 month photo because I knew he would just be crying...and that's when I realized I should just take his picture anyways, since that's what he was doing when he turned 6 months old. Crying. And not sleeping.

Other 6 month accomplishments:

*He's still tiny. I don't think he's even on the chart for weight anymore. Poor thing. I think he just likes his 3 month clothes and never wants to grow out of them.

*I'm wondering is he will ever learn to sit. Sometimes I can squish his stiff body into the Bumbo seat for a few minutes, but for the most part he will only stand. Standing is his favorite thing.

*We found it so helpful to use baby sign language with Daphne, so I started signing 'milk' to Christian a few weeks ago. To my great surprise, it took him no time at all to get that sign down. Apparently his stomach is very important to him. Now I'm working on teaching him 'mama' because it's very disheartening to have him make the sign for 'milk' every time he sees me. As if that's my name or something.

*He got an eczema rash on his face a few weeks ago. On the few days where it's been warm his face clears up really well, but then as soon as it's cold again the rash comes back. I think his face and I can say we are ready for summer.

*Christian has started to love watching Daphne play. As long as she keeps her distance, she gets the most smiles and laughs out of him as anyone. Her favorite thing is to dance around to make him laugh.

*He loves having a toy in his hands and gets bored without something to hold onto.

*He held onto his dark hair longer than Daphne did, long enough to make me think he would keep it forever. Nope, he's starting to lighten up. His eyes are dark grey; time will tell if they go all the way brown or not.

Happy half birthday to my sweet baby boy. I'll stick with you during these fussy times because I know someday soon you'll feel better and life will be happy again.

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Kelley said...

Poor little boy! Life is so hard when you don't get enough sleep. I need to find a day to come rock him and bring D home.