15 March 2012

A Snowcation

A couple of months ago I found a smashing deal for The Grand Lodges at Collins Lake Resort up at Government Camp. We'd been tossing around the idea of a little family vacation but weren't sure what to do, and when I found these we decided it sounded perfect.

We went this week and it was perfect.

You can tell by Daphne's face how excited she was as we got close to our destination and she could see all the snow.

We got to our condo and she was thrilled that we had acquired a snow house in addition to our regular house.

"Now we have two houses," she said, "our house and our snow house."

We spent the days playing in the snow, coming in to warm up by the fire, playing in the snow, eating, playing by the fire, and playing in the snow.

It snowed pretty much the entire time. We always had a beautiful view from the windows.

Daphne got to sleep in a bedroom with bunk beds, and although we did not trust her to sleep on the top she loved playing up there. She told me that when Christian grows up she will sleep on the top and he can sleep on the bottom. (She really thinks we own the place.)

Sometimes David and Daphne went out to play where I could see them from our deck.

Christian liked being outside, but he also liked playing Jenga next to the cozy fire.

Snuggling with Daddy was good, too.

Our first official family vacation was definitely a hit. The resort is a beautiful place to stay, we would go back in a heart beat. The weather was perfect, and of course, the company was delightful.

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